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Primary view of Asbestos: A Materials Survey
Bowles, Oliver
Primary view of Energy Uses and Supplies, 1939, 1947, 1965
Barnett, Harold J.
October 1950
Primary view of Extinguishing Fire with Carbon Dioxide in the Valier Mine, Valier Coal Company, Valier, Franklin County, Illinois
Westfield, James; Brumbaugh, H. C. & Whittaker, R. W.
April 1950
Primary view of Burning Wood Waste for Commercial Heat and Power
Barkley, J. F. & Morgan, R. E.
September 1950
Primary view of Causes of Roof-Fall Fatalities in Anthracite and Bituminous-Coal Mines, 1955 and 1956
Joseph, R. D.
Primary view of Carbon Dioxide Content of Mine-Fire Atmospheres as an Aid when Fighting Metal-Mine Fires
Ash, S. H.
December 1950
Primary view of Economic Considerations in the Recovery of Magnesia from Dolomite
Schallis, Alvin
August 1943
Primary view of Consumption of Slab Zinc in the United States by Industries, Grades, and Geographic Divisions, 1940-45: Including a Summary of Consumption Since 1900
Ransome, Alfred L.
February 1948
Primary view of Control of Metallurgical and mineral dusts and fumes in Los Angeles County, California
Allen, Glenn L.; Viets, Floyd H. & McCabe, Louis C.
April 1952
Primary view of Design and Operation of a Four-Ton-Per-Hour Gold and Silver Ore-Sampling Plant
Gardner, E. D. & Leddell, W. A.
June 1936
Primary view of Petroleum Refineries, Including Cracking Plants in the United States, January 1, 1948
Lott, F. S.
August 1948
Primary view of Petroleum Refineries, Including Cracking Plants, in the United States, January 1, 1951
Kirby, J. G.
July 1951
Primary view of National Motor-Gasoline Survey: Winter 1956-57
Blade, O. C.
July 1957
Primary view of Procedure of the Purchasing and Supply Departments of the Miami Copper Company, Miami, Arizona
Bishop, Fred L. & Keller, Albert E.
May 1932
Primary view of Quartz and Silica: Part 1. - General Summary
Santmyers, Reigart Meredith
August 1931
Primary view of Recent Developments in Fire-Resistant Hydraulic Fluids for Underground Use
Polack, Samuel, P.; Smith, Allan F. & Barthe, Henry P.
Primary view of National Motor-Gasoline Survey: Winter 1955-56
Blade, O. C.
April 1956
Primary view of Outlook and Research Possibilities for Bituminous Coal
United States. Bureau of Mines.
May 1956
Primary view of Open Schedules for Gold and Silver Ores and Concentrates at Western Custom Smelters
Gardner, E. D. & Allsman, Paul T.
December 1936
Primary view of Peat-Bog Fires: Their Origin and Control
Parker, D. J.; Benson, J. B. & Bird, J. H.
July 1947
Primary view of Report of Petroleum and Natural-gas Division: Fiscal Year 1946
Cattell, Roscoe Arnold
June 1949
Primary view of Report of Petroleum and Natural-Gas Division: Fiscal Year 1947
Cattell, Roscoe Arnold
December 1948
Primary view of Research and Technologic Work on Coal and Related Investigations, 1957
United States. Bureau of Mines.
Primary view of Review of State Mine Inspector's Reports as They Relate to Accidents from Falls of Roof
Paul, James Washington
April 1929