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Primary view of A Method of Calculating Transient Temperatures in a Multiregion, Axisymmetric, Cylindrical Configuration the Argus Program, 1089/Re248, Written in Fortran II
Schoeberle, D. F.; Heestand, J.; Miller, L. B. & Miller, L. B.
November 1963
Primary view of Breeding-Gain Specimens for EBR-I Core IV
Shuck, A. B.; Hins, A. G.; Burt, W. R. & Beatty, R. A.
September 1963
Primary view of Testing of Containment Capabilities of Reinforced Concrete-Shielded Enclosures
Fistedis, S. H.; Heineman, A. H. & Janicke, M. J.
March 1963
Primary view of Heat Transfer, Flow Instability, and Critical Heat Flux For Water in a Small Tube At 200 psia
Weatherhead, R. J.
June 1963
Primary view of A Performance Analysis of the EBWR at Various Power Levels
Nentwich, Alfred A.
October 1963
Primary view of Analytical and Experimental Investigation of a Nuclear Reactor Support Structure
Marchertas, A. H.; Fistedis, S. H. & Brittan, R. O.
March 1965
Primary view of Development of Techniques for Fabrication of Small-Diameter Thin-Wall Tungsten Tubing: Interim Progress Report covering the period from July 1, 1963 through December 31, 1963
Burt, W. R., Jr.; Katiyar, H. C. & Mayfield, R. M.
Primary view of Preliminary Physics and Heat Transfer Design Calculations for a Rocket Fuel Test Reactor (RFTR)
MacFarlane, D. R. & Madell, J. T.
August 1964
Primary view of Dynamic Analysis of Coolant Circulation in Boiling Water Nuclear Reactors
Sanathanan, Chathilingath K.
April 1964
Primary view of Development of an Electrical Resistivity Probe For Void-Fraction Measurements in Air-Water Flow
Nassos, George P.
June 1963
Primary view of A Practical Approach to Availability and Irreversibility
Hoglund, Barton M.
June 1963
Primary view of Two-Phase Critical Flow With Application to Liquid-Metal Systems (Mercury, Cesium, Rubidium, Potassium, Sodium, and Lithium)
Fauske, Hans K.
October 1963
Primary view of An Experimental Investigation of Two-Phase, Two-Component Flow in a Horizontal, Converging-Diverging Nozzle
Vogrin, Joseph A., Jr.
July 1963
Primary view of The Period Effect in Reactor Dynamics
Carter, Joseph C.; Sparks, David W. & Tessier, Jack H.
April 1964
Primary view of The Control of Condensation Heat Transfer Rates Using an Electromagnetic Field
Singer, Ralph M.
July 1964
Primary view of Recrystallization in Rolled Uranium Sheet
Lloyd, Lowell T. & Mueller, Melvin H.
March 1962
Primary view of Preliminary Design of a Basic Radiation Effects Reactor (BRER)
MacFarlane, D. R.; Rohde, R. R.; Toppel, B.; Charak, I. & Unger, H.
March 1961
Primary view of Hazard Evaluation Report on the Fast Reactor Zero Power Experiment ZPR-III
Long, J. K.; McVean, R. L.; Thalgott, F. W. & Novick, M.
October 1961
Primary view of Hazard Summary Report on the Experimental Boiling Water Reactor (EBWR)
West, J. M.; Dietrich, J. R.; Jameson, A. S.; Anderson, G. A.; Harrer, J. M. & Brush, H. F.
Primary view of Terminal Report on the Mighty Mouse High-Flux Research Reactor Project
Link, L. E.; Armstrong, R. H.; Cameron, T. C.; Dickson, R. F.; Heineman, J. B.; Kelber, C. N. et al.
September 1959
Primary view of Casting and Fabrication of Core Material For Argonne Low Power Reactor Fuel Elements
Salley, R. L. & Burt, W. R., Jr.
December 1959
Primary view of Design Summary Report on the Juggernaut Reactor
Folkrod, J. R.; Ember, G.; Kolb, W.; Saluja, J. & Moon, D. P.
September 1962
Primary view of Automatic Foil Activity Counting Facility and Data-Reduction Program
Plumlee, K. E. & Wiggins, M. T.
October 1962
Primary view of Safety Analysis Report, Argonne Fast Critical Facility (ZPR-VI)
Kato, W. Y.; Fischer, G. J. & Dates, L. R.
December 1963