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Primary view of Directions for Sampling Coal for Shipment or Delivery
Pope, George S.
June 1917
Primary view of The Bowie-Gavin Process: Its Application to the Cracking of Tars and Heavy Oils, Also to the Recovery of Oil from Oil-Soaked Sands or Shales, or from Oil Shales
Bowie, C. P.
Primary view of Graphical Terrane Correction for Gravity Gradient
Barton, Donald C.
Primary view of Gas Masks for Gasoline and Petroleum Vapors
Katz, Sidney H. & Bloomfield, J. J.
August 1924
Primary view of Gas Masks for Gases Met in Fighting Fires
Fieldner, Arno Carl; Katz, Sidney H. & Kinney, Selwyne P.
August 1921
Primary view of Geophysical Prospecting: Some Electrical Methods
Eve, A. S. & Keys, D. A.
Primary view of Graphic Studies of Ultimate Analyses of Coals
Ralston, Oliver C. & Porter, Horace C.
December 1915
Primary view of Change Houses in the Lake Superior Region
Kindall, Cleve Edwin
September 1923
Primary view of The Constituents of Coal Soluble in Phenol
Frazer, J. C. W. & Hoffman, E. J.
Primary view of Construction and Operation of a Single-Tube Cracking Furnace for Making Gasoline
Bowie, C. P.
July 1915
Primary view of Development, Mining, and Handling of Ore in Folded and Faulted Areas, Red Iron Mines, Birmingham District, Alabama
Crane, W. R.
Primary view of Analyses of Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada and Oregon Coals
Andrews, David A.; Hendricks, Thomas A. & Huddle, John W.
Primary view of Factors Governing the Entry of Solutions into Ores During Leaching
Sullivan, John D.; Keck, Walter E. & Oldright, George L.
Primary view of A Carbon Monoxide Recorder and Alarm
Katz, Sidney H.; Reynolds, D. A.; Frevert, H. W. & Bloomfield, J. J.
Primary view of Analyses of West Virginia Coals
Price, Paul H.; Heck, E. T.; Fieldner, Arno Carl; Toenges, Albert L.; Anderson, R. L.; Snyder, N. H. et al.
Primary view of Low-Temperature Carbonization of Coal
Fieldner, Arno Carl
Primary view of Measuring the Variation of Ground Resistivity with a Megger
Lee, F. W.
Primary view of Notes on the Use of Low-Grade Fuel in Europe
Fernald, R. H.
August 1915
Primary view of Notes on the Black Sand Deposits of Southern Oregon and Northern California
Hornor, R. R.
Primary view of Sanitation at Mining Villages in the Birmingham District, Alabama
Woodbridge, Dwight E.
Primary view of Saving Coal in Steam Power Plants
United States. Fuel Administration.
Primary view of Salvage of Material in the Oil Industry
Bowie, C. P.
Primary view of Safe Mechanical Equipment for Use in Shaft Sinking
Kudlich, R. H.
May 1922
Primary view of Passage of Solid Particles Through Rotary Cylindrical Kilns
Sullivan, John D.; Maier, Charles G. & Ralston, Oliver C.