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Primary view of Flight Investigation of Boundary-Layer Transition and Profile Drag of an Experimental Low-Drag Wing Installed on a Figher-Type Airplane
Zalovcik, John A. & Skoog, Richard B.
April 1945
Primary view of Investigation of the Behavior of Parallel Two-Dimensional Air Jets
Corrsin, Stanley
November 1944
Primary view of The Propeller and Cooling-Air-Flow Characteristics of a Twin-Engine Airplane Model Equipped With NACA D(Sub S)-Type Cowlings and With Propellers of NACA 16-Series Airfoil Sections
McHugh, James G. & Pepper, Edward
September 1944
Primary view of Profile-Drag Coefficients of Conventional and Low-Drag Airfoils as Obtained in Flight
Zalovcik, John A.
May 1944
Primary view of On the Flow of a Compressible Fluid by the Hodography Method 1: Unification and Extension of Present-Day Results
Garrick, I. E. & Kaplan, Carl
March 1944
Primary view of Determination of General Relations for the Behavior of Turbulent Boundary Layers
von Doenhoff, Albert E. & Tetervin, Neal
July 1943
Primary view of On the Flow of a Compressible Fluid by the Hodography Method 2: Fundamental Set of Particular Flow Solutions of the Chaplygin Differential Equation
Kaplan, Carl
November 1944
Primary view of Notes on the Effect of Surface Distortions on the Drag and Critical Mach Number of Airfoils
Allen, H. Julian
September 1943
Primary view of Experiments on Drag of Revolving Disks, Cylinders and Streamline Rods at High Speeds
Theodorsen, Theodore & Regier, Arthur
June 1944
Primary view of Performance of an exhaust-gas "blowdown" turbine on a nine-cylinder radial engine
Turner, L. Richard & Desmon, Leland G.
December 1944
Primary view of A Concise Theoretical Method for Profile-Drag Calculation; Advance Report
Nitzberg, Gerald E.
February 1944
Primary view of The development and application of high-critical-speed nose inlets
Baals, Donald D.; Smith, Norman F. & Wright, John B.
July 1945
Primary view of NACA Investigation of a Jet-Propulsion System Applicable to Flight
Brown, Clinton E.
April 1944