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Primary view of Beta and Gamma Dose Rates From Terrestrially Distributed Sources
O'Brien, Keran; Lowder, Wayne M. & Solon, Leonard R.
October 28, 1957
Primary view of Transistorization of Nuclear Counting Circuits
Graveson, R. T. & Sadowski, H.
August 19, 1957
Primary view of A Shielded Metallograph for Remote Metallography
Brown, F. L.; Haaker, L. W.; Paine, S. H. & Blomgren, R. A.
October 1957
Primary view of The Fabrication of Certain Jacketed Uranium Helices
Yaggee, F. L.
May 1957
Primary view of Preliminary Design Requirements Argonne Boiling Reactor (ARBOR) Facility
Fromm, L. W.; Bernsen, S. A.; Bullinger, C. F. & Matousek, J. F.
July 15, 1957
Primary view of Design and Performance Characteristics of Magnetic Jack-Type Control Rod Drive
Young, Joseph N.
December 1957
Primary view of Hazard Summary Report Experimental Breeder Reactor II (EBR-II)
Koch, L. J.; Monson, H. O.; Okrent, D.; Levenson, M.; Simmons, W. R.; Humphreys, J. R. et al.
May 1957
Primary view of Frequency Response Measurements of the EBWR Automatic Steam by-Pass Valve Control System
DeShong, J. A., Jr. & Beckjord, E. S.
June 1957
Primary view of Manufacture of Fuel Plates for the Experimental Boiling Water Reactor
Macherey, R. E.; Bean, C. H.; Carson, N. J., Jr. & Lindgren, J. R.
June 1957
Primary view of A General Method for Comparing Thermal Performance of Fuel Element Geometries and Coolants for Non-Boiling Reactors
Freund, G. A. & London, A. L.
January 1957
Primary view of Semi-Empirical Method of Calculating the Energy-Absorption Build-up Factor with an Application to a Uniformly Contaminated Space Having Spherical Boundaries
O'Brien, Keran; Lowder, Wayne M. & Solon, Leonard R.
October 14, 1957
Primary view of Hazards Summary Report on the Oxide Critical Experiments
Redman, W. C.; Thie, J. A. & Dates, L. R.
April 1957
Primary view of Report #26: Development of Photomultiplier Tubes
Schenkel, F. W. & Snell, P. A.
December 1957
Primary view of Micro-Seismic Method of Determining the Stability of Underground Openings
Obert, Leonard & Duvall, Wilbur I.
Primary view of Syllabus of Clay Testing
Klinefelter, T. A. & Hamlin, H. P.
Primary view of Development of the Fischer-Tropsch Oil-Recycle Process
Benson, H. E.; Field, J. H.; Bienstock, D.; Nagel, R. R.; Brunn, L. W.; Hawk, C. O. et al.
Primary view of American Standard Recommended Practice for Drainage of Coal Mines (M6.1-1955, UDC 622.5)
unknown creator
Primary view of Combustion of Solid Fuels in Thin Beds
Carman, E. P.; Graf, E. G. & Corey, R. C.
Primary view of Mine Flood Prevention and Control: Anthracite Region of Pennsylvania, Final Report of the Anthracite Flood-Prevention Project Engineers
Ash, S. H. (Simon Harry), b. 1889; Dierks, H. A. & Miller, P. S.
Primary view of Research Continuation of Badger-Hickman Centrifugal Distallation Testing on Unit 4
Badger Manufacturing Company
March 1957
Primary view of United States Earthquakes, 1957
unknown creator
Primary view of Accidents from explosives at metal and nonmetallic mines
Cash, Frank E.
Primary view of Fires, gases, and ventilation in metal and nonmetallic mines
United States. Bureau of Mines.
Primary view of High Altitude Performance Investigation of J65-B-3 Turbojet Engine With Both JP-4 and Gaseous Hydrogen Fuels
Kaufman, Harold R.
April 2, 1957