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Primary view of The 6-foot-4-inch wind tunnel at the Washington Navy Yard
Desmond, G. L. & Mccrary, J. A.
August 1935
Primary view of The 300 H.P. Benz Aircraft Engine
Heller, A.
January 1921
Primary view of The 1350 F stress-rupture properties of two wrought alloys and three cast alloys
Reynolds, E. E.; Freeman, J. W. & White, A. E.
November 1947
Primary view of N.A.C.A. control position recorder
Norton, F. H.
May 1922
Primary view of N.A.C.A. Flight-Path Angle and Air-Speed Recorder
Coleman, Donald G.
April 1926
Primary view of N.A.C.A. Langley field wind tunnel apparatus: The tilting manometer
Norton, F. H. & Bacon, D. L.
January 1921
Primary view of N.A.C.A. Recording Air Speed Meter
Norton, F. H.
October 1921
Primary view of N.A.C.A. Stall-Warning Indicator
Thopmson, F. L.
October 1938
Primary view of Abnormal grain growth in M-252 and S-816 alloys
Decker, R. F.; Rush, A. I.; Dano, A. G. & Freeman, J. W.
November 1957
Primary view of Abnormal grain growth in nickel-base heat-resistant alloys
Decker, R. F.; Rush, A. I.; Dano, A. G. & Freeman, J. W.
December 1957
Primary view of Abnormal grain growth in S-816 alloy
Rush, A. I.; Freeman, J. W. & White, A. E.
April 1952
Primary view of Absolute Coefficients and the Graphical Representation of Airfoil Characteristics
Munk, Max
June 1921
Primary view of Absolute Dimensions of Karman Vortex Motion
Heisenberg, Werner
January 1923
Primary view of Accelerations and passenger harness loads measured in full-scale light-airplane crashes
Eiband, A. Martin; Simpkinson, Scott H. & Black, Dugald O.
August 1953
Primary view of Accelerations in Transport-Airplane Crashes
Preston, G. Merritt & Pesman, Gerard J.
February 1958
Primary view of Accuracy of Approximate Methods for Predicting Pressures on Pointed Nonlifting Bodies of Revolution in Supersonic Flow
Ehret, Dorris M.
August 1952
Primary view of The Accuracy of the Substitute-Stringer Approach for Determining the Bending Frequencies of Multistringer Box Beams
Davenport, William W.
April 1956
Primary view of An accurate and rapid method for the design of supersonic nozzles
Beckwith, Ivan E. & Moore, John A.
February 1955
Primary view of An Accurate Method of Measuring the Moments of Inertia of Airplanes
Miller, M. P.
October 1930
Primary view of Achievement of Continuous Wall Curvature in Design of Two-Dimensional Symmetrical Supersonic Nozzles
Evvard, J. C. & Marcus, Lawrence R.
January 1952
Primary view of Acoustic analysis of ram-jet buzz
Mirels, Harold
November 1955
Primary view of Acoustic radiation from two-dimensional rectangular cutouts in aerodynamic surfaces
Krishnamurty, K
August 1955
Primary view of Acoustic, thrust, and drag characteristics of several full-scale noise suppressors for turbojet engines
Ciepluch, Carl C.; North, Warren J.; Coles, Willard D. & Antl, Robert J.
April 1958
Primary view of Acoustical treatment for the NACA 8- by 6-foot supersonic propulsion wind tunnel
Beranek, Leo L; Labate, Samuel & Ingard, Uno
June 1955