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Primary view of 2-Fold G.M. Coincidence Unit
U.S. Atomic Energy Commission
Primary view of 8 Inch Vacuum Pump
U.S. Atomic Energy Commission
Primary view of 10 M.C. Wide Band Amplefier and Scope
Elmore, W. C.
Primary view of 100-Ton Test at Trinity: Report on Earth Velocity Measurements
Coon, J. H.
June 13, 1945
Primary view of 300-400 V Regulated Supply
U.S. Atomic Energy Commission
Primary view of 300 Mc Transmitter Pulser
Titterton, E. W.
Primary view of The 1350 F stress-rupture properties of two wrought alloys and three cast alloys
Reynolds, E E; Freeman, J W & White, A E
November 1947
Primary view of 1500 Uses Delay Unit
Titterton, E. W.
Primary view of Abstracts pertaining to seaplanes
Bidwell, Jerold M & King, Douglas A
July 24, 1947
Primary view of Acceleration Characteristics of R-3350 Engine Equipped with NACA Injection Impeller
Hickel, Robert O. & Snider, William E.
January 8, 1947
Primary view of Acceleration Measurements During Landing in Rough Water of a 1/7-Scale Dynamic Model of Grumman XJR2F-1 Amphibian - Langley Tank Model 212, TED No. NACA 2378
Land, Norman S. & Zeck, Howard
May 6, 1947
Primary view of Acceleration Measurements During Landings of a 1/5.5-Size Dynamic Model of the Columbia XJL-1 Amphibian in Smooth Water and in Waves: Langley Tank Model 208M, TED No. NACA 2336
Clement, Eugene P. & Havens, Robert F.
September 25, 1947
Primary view of Accelerations and bottom pressures measured on a B-24D airplane in a ditching test
Steiner, Margaret F.
November 1944
Primary view of Accelerations measured at center of gravity and along span of the wing of a B-24D airplane in landing impacts
Westfall, John R
August 1944
Primary view of Accident Experience: Iron-Ore Mines, Lake Superior District, 1940-43
Cash, Frank E. & Larsen, Reuben D.
May 1945
Primary view of Accuracy of airspeed measurements and flight calibration procedures
Huston, Wilber B
Primary view of Adaptor for measuring principal strains with Tuckerman strain gage
Mcpherson, A E
June 1943
Primary view of Addition of heat to a compressible fluid in motion
Hicks, Bruce L
February 1945
Primary view of Additional abstracts pertaining to seaplanes
Bidwell, J. M. & King, D. A.
March 9, 1948
Primary view of Additional design charts relating to the stalling of tapered wings
Harmon, Sidney M
January 1943
Primary view of Additional free-flight tests of the rolling effectiveness of several wing-spoiler arrangements at high subsonic, transonic, and supersonic speeds
Strass, H Kurt
November 24, 1948
Primary view of An additional investigation of the high-speed lateral-control characteristics of spoilers
Summers, James
June 1945
Primary view of The additional-mass effect of plates as determined by experiments
Gracey, William
Primary view of Additional power-on wind-tunnel tests of the 1/8-scale model of the Brewster F2A airplane with full-span slotted flaps
Lowry, John G
October 1941