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Design, Construction, Field Testing, and Cost Analysis of An Experimental Electrodialysis Demineralizer for Brackish Waters
No Description Available.
Development of A Direct-Freezing Continuous Wash-Separation Process for Saline Water Conversion
Report regarding the successful development of a freezing sea water to produce fresh water. Contains the experimental methods used as well as an economic analysis.
Investigation of the Availability of Geothermal Energy for the Demineralization of Saline Water
From Introduction: "The purpose of this investigation was to examine the question of the availability of geothermal energy and in particular the availability of geothermal energy from the Black Hills of South Dakota.
Operation of Pilot Plant LTV Evaporator at Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina
From Introduction: "The primary objective in the development of the W. L. Badger Long Tube Vertical Multiple Effect Evaporator for saline water conversion is to minimize the ultimate cost of producing potable water. To accomplish the primary objective, it is necessary to (1) prevent formation of scale on heating surfaces, and (2) minimize corrosion to permit use of inexpensive materials of construction. The work done leading to this report was guided in the direction of accomplishing the two secondary objectives."
Research Continuation of Badger-Hickman Centrifugal Distallation Testing on Unit 4
From Summary: "The work covered by this report includes a variety of subjects designed, generally, to test the utility of a centrifugal phase barrier as the boiler-condenser unit of a vapor recompression still for producing water from sea water."
Research on and Development of Badger-Hickman Centrifugal Distillation Techniques and Equipments
From Summary: "Based upon the results of the investigations on both the No. 3 and No. 4 stills, engineering designs for a 25,000 g.p.d. unit were developed. Sketches of this design and a description of the process are presented in this report."