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Primary view of 7-GeV Advanced Photon Source : Conceptual Design Report
Argonne National Laboratory
April 1987
Primary view of 1986 Annual Site Environmental Report for Argonne National Laboratory
Argonne National Laboratory
March 1987
Primary view of ²³⁵U(n,f), ²³⁸U(n, gamma), ²³⁸U(n,f), ²³⁹Pu(n,f) Reaction Rate Measurement Calibrations at ZPPR
Poenitz, W. P.; Maddison, D. W.; Gasidlo, J. M.; Carpenter, S.G. & Armani, R. J.
January 1987
Primary view of Activities and Operations of the Advanced Computing Research Facility : October 1986-October 1987
Pieper, Gail W.
Primary view of An Algebraic Theory of Program Specification and Correctness Using Symmetry Operations
Gabriel, John R.
March 1987
Primary view of Analysis of Proposed Gamma-Ray Detection System for the Monitoring of Core Water Inventory in a Pressurized Water Reactor
Markoff, Diane Melanie
December 1987
Primary view of Application of a Multigrid Method to a Buoyancy-Induced Flow Problem
Thompson, C. P.; Leaf, G. K. & Vanka, S. P.
October 1987
Primary view of An Approach to Implementing State Space Searches on Heterogeneous Systems of Multiprocessors
Glickfeld, Barney & Overbeek, Ross A.
September 1987
Primary view of Assessment of Impact of Advanced Energy Transmission Fluids on District Heating and Cooling Systems : (Phase 1)
Kasza, Kenneth Edmund & Chen, M. M.
September 1987
Primary view of Atmospheric Fluidized-Bed Cogeneration Air Heater Experiment : 1000-h Laboratory Test A
Natesan, K. & Podolski, W. F.
March 1987
Primary view of Basic Data Report for Drilling and Hydrologic Testing of Drillhole DOE-2 at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) Site
Mercer, Jerry W.; Beauheim, Richard L.; Snyder, Richard P. & Fairer, George M.
April 1987
Primary view of Beyond ''Speedup' ': Performance Analysis of Parallel Programs
Dritz, Kenneth W. & Boyle, James M.
February 1987
Primary view of Chemical Technology Division Annual Technical Report: 1986
Argonne National Laboratory. Chemical Technology Division.
June 1987
Primary view of Coastal Cliff Sediments, San Diego Region, Dana Point to the Mexican Border
Inman, D.
June 1987
Primary view of Computerized Operating Procedures for Shearing and Dissolution of Segments from LWBR (Light Water Breeder Reactor) Fuel Rods
Osudar, J.; Deeken, P. G.; Graczyk, D. G.; Fagan, J. E.; Martino, F. J.; Parks, J. E. et al.
May 1987
Primary view of Decontamination and Decommissioning of the Argonne National Laboratory East Area Radioactively Contaminated Surplus Facilities : Final Report
Kline, W. H.; Fassnacht, G. F. & Moe, H. J.
July 1987
Primary view of Deposits of Pre-1980 Pyroclastic Flows and Lahars from Mount St. Helens Volcano, Washington
Crandell, Dwight Raymond
Primary view of Design of a Precast Concrete Stay-in-Place Forming System for Lock Wall Rehabilitation
ABAM Engineers Incorporated
July 1987
Primary view of Development of Nondestructive Testing Systems for in situ Evaluation of Concrete Structures
Thornton, Henry T., Jr. & Alexander, A. Michel
December 1987
Primary view of Effects of Ancient Stream Channel Deposits on Mine Roof Stability: A Case Study
Ingram, David K. & Chase, Frank E.
Primary view of Engineering Aspects of the September 19, 1985 Mexico Earthquake
Stone, William C.; Yokel, Felix Y.; Celebi, Mehmet; Hanks, Thomas & Leyendecker, Edgar V.
May 1987
Primary view of [Evolution of Sedimentary Basins--Uinta and Piceance Basins: Chapters A-C]
Johnson, Samuel Y.
Primary view of Final Report for the Light Water Breeder Reactor Proof-of-Breeding Analytical Support Project
Graczyk, D. C.; Hoh, J. C.; Martino, F. J.; Nelson, R. E.; Osudar, John & Levitz, Norman M.
May 1987
Primary view of Fire Doors for Noncoal Mines
Bickel, Kenneth L. & Pomroy, William H.