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Primary view of Calibration of Temperature Measurement Systems Installed in Buildings
Hurley, C. Warren & Schooley, James F.
January 1984
Primary view of Directional Extreme Wind Speed Data for the Design of Buildings and Other Structures
Changery, Michael J.; Dumitriu-Valcea, Eugene J. & Simiu, Emil
March 1984
Primary view of Effectiveness of Solar Shading for an Office Building
Treado, S. J.; Barnett, J. & Remmert, W.
May 1984
Primary view of On-Site Calibration of Flow Metering Systems Installed in Buildings
Baker, David W. & Hurley, C. Warren
January 1984
Primary view of Potential Energy Savings in Residential Oil-Fired Heating Systems in the United States
Kelly, George E.; Didion, David A.; Quigley, D. & Collins, B.
December 1984
Primary view of Ring-On-Ring Tests and Load Capacity of Cladding Glass
Simiu, Emil; Reed, Dorothy A.; Yancey, Charles W. C.; Martin, Jonathan W.; Hendrickson, Erik M.; Gonzalez, Armando C. et al.
August 1984