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Primary view of Annual Variation of Temperature Field and Heat Transfer Under Heated Ground Surfaces (Slab-on-Grade Floor Heat Loss Calculation)
Kusuda, Tamami; Piet, O. & Bean, J. W.
June 1983
Primary view of Computer Modeling of the Vapor Compression Cycle with Constant Flow Area Expansion Device
Domanski, Piotr & Didion, David A.
May 1983
Primary view of A Daylighting Model for Building Energy Simulation
Gillette, Gary
March 1983
Primary view of Errata Sheet Number 1 for National Bureau of Standards Building Science Series 144, September 1983
Crenshaw, Richard & Clark, Roy E.
January 19, 1983
Primary view of Evaluation of Construction Loads in Multistory Concrete Buildings
Fattal, S. G.
February 1983
Primary view of General Guidelines for the On-Site Calibration of Humidity and Moisture Control Systems in Buildings
Hyland, Richard W. & Hurley, C. Warren
September 1983
Primary view of Low-Voltage Room Thermostat Performance
Kao, James Y.; Sushinsky, George; Didion, David A.; Mastascusa, E. J. & Chi, Joseph
April 1983
Primary view of Turbulent Wind Effects on Tension Leg Platform Surge
Simiu, Emil & Leigh, Stefan D.
March 1983
Primary view of Wind Loading and Strength of Cladding Glass
Reed, Dorothy A. & Simiu, Emil
May 1983