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Abnormal grain growth in M-252 and S-816 alloys

Description: Report discussing an experimental investigation was carried out on air- and vacuum-melted M-252 and S-816 alloys to find conditions of heating and hot-working which resulted in abnormal grain growth. The experiments were mainly limited to normal conditions of heating for hot-working and heat treatment and normal temperatures of solution treatment were used to allow grain growth after susceptibility to abnormal grain growth was developed by various experimental conditions. Results indicated that small reductions of essentially strain-free metal were the basic cause of such grain growth.
Date: November 1957
Creator: Decker, R F; Rush, A I; Dano, A G & Freeman, J W
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Accelerations in fighter-airplane crashes

Description: From Introduction: "This report describes some measurements of these quantities obtained by crashing fighter aircraft under circumstances approximating those observed in service."
Date: November 4, 1957
Creator: Acker, Loren W; Black, Duglad O & Moser, Jacob C
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Analysis of operational airline data to show the effects of airborne weather radar on the gust loads and operating practices of twin-engine short-haul transport airplanes

Description: From Introduction: "The data for operations both with and without radar installed have been analyzed and the results are presented in this paper. Although these results are of limited extent, they provide a basis for early examination of any trends in the gust loads and associated operating practices which might be attributed to the use of radar."
Date: November 1957
Creator: Copp, Martin R & Walker, Walter G
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Endurance Evaluation of Sintered, Porous, Strut-Supported Turbine Blades made by Federal-Mogul-Bower-Bearings, Incorporated, under Bureau of Aeronautics Contract NOas 55-124-C

Description: Four strut-supported, transpiration-cooled turbine blades were investigated experimentally in a turbojet engine. The blade shells were fabricated by the mold-sintering method with spherical stainless-steel powder. Two blades were investigated in order to evolve suitable capping methods for the blade tip. Two other blades were used to evaluate the durability of the porous-shell material. The blades were investigated at a turbine-tip speed of 1305 feet per second, an average turbine-inlet temperature of about 1670 F, and at a porous-shell temperature limited to a maximum of approximately 1040 F.
Date: November 26, 1957
Creator: Hickel, Robert O. & Richards, Hadley T.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Organic Moderated Reactor Experiment Progress Report: August-October 1956

Description: Report describing technical progress on the design and construction of an Organic Moderated Reactor Experiment (OMRE), to be operated at the National Reactor Testing Station in Arco, Idaho. "This is the second report of the series, and covers the period from August 1, 1956 through October 31, 1956" (p. 3).
Date: November 15, 1957
Creator: Trilling, C. A.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department