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Aerodynamic heating of a thin, unswept, untapered, multiweb, aluminum-alloy wing at Mach numbers up to 2.67 as determined from a free-flight investigation of a rocket-propelled model

Description: From Introduction: "The heat-transfer data calculated from measured temperatures are compared with values calculated by the theory of Van Driest for a flat plate with laminar and turbulent boundary layers. In addition, the heat-transfer data from the flight tests are compared with data obtained from the Langley Structures Research Division of ground tests of an identical wing at a Mach number approximately equal to 1.99 in the pre-flight jet of the Langley Pilotless Aircraft Research Station at Wallops Island, Va. The stream static pressure is maintained at about 1 atmosphere, the free-stream temperature at about 75^o F, and the stagnation temperature at approximately 500 ^o F (ref.1)."
Date: August 6, 1957
Creator: Strass, H Kurt & Stephens, Emily W
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Aging Characteristics of Hastelloy B

Description: Report issued by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory discussing the aging characteristics of the alloy Hastelloy B. Materials, equipment, experimental procedures, and results used to determine the characteristics of the alloy are presented. This report includes tables, illustrations, and photographs.
Date: August 12, 1957
Creator: Clausing, Robert E.; Patriarca, P. & Manly, W. D.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Altitude chamber evaluation of an aircraft liquid hydrogen fuel system used with a turbojet engine

Description: From Introduction: "The objective of this report are (1) to describe the complete fuel system, (2) to discuss the procedure used for transitions between JP-4 fuel and hydrogen, and (3) to present and discuss engine performance obtained with both fuels, and (4) to review the reliability of the fuel system."
Date: August 19, 1957
Creator: Algranti, J. S.; Braithwaite, W. M. & Fenn, D. B.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Analysis of two-stage-turbine efficiency characteristics in terms of work and speed requirements

Description: From Introduction: "In this report two-stage-turbine efficiency characteristics are analyzed as a function of work and speed requirements in terms of the effect of changing the required mean-section velocity diagram. The fundamental assumptions and limits used in reference 2 and 3 are also used herein."
Date: August 30, 1957
Creator: Stewart, Warner L & Wintucky, William T
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

A discussion of cone and flat-plate Reynolds numbers for equal ratios of the laminar shear to the shear caused by small velocity fluctuations in a laminar boundary layer

Description: By use of the linear theory of boundary-layer stability and Schlichting's formula for the maximum amplification of a disturbance, an approximate relation is derived between the Reynolds number on a cone and the Reynolds number on a flat plate for equal closeness to transition. The indication is that the ratio of the cone Reynolds number for transition, based on the distance to the cone apex, to the plate Reynolds number for transition, based on the distance to the leading edge, is not in general equal to 3, as has been suggested by other investigators, but varies from 3 when transition occurs at the minimum critical Reynolds number to unity when transition occurs at a large multiple of the critical Reynolds number.
Date: August 1, 1957
Creator: Tetervin, Neal
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Drilling in the Flatirons Locality, Monument Valley, Arizona

Description: From introduction: A subsurface exploration program was undertaken to investigate the concentration of uranium and vanadium in or near the base of the Shinarump member of the Chinle formation in the Flatirons locality, and to develop criteria whereby adjacent unexplored areas could be evaluated as to potential production capacity from study of geological and mineralogical features at the host rook outcrop. An earlier study of the area by C. G. Evensen of the U. S. Atomic Energy Commission had shown that geological conditions favorable to the accumulation of commercial uranium deposits were present in the Flatirons area.
Date: August 23, 1957
Creator: Gray, Irving B.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department