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Primary view of A balanced-pressure sliding seal used for transfer of pressurized air between stationary and rotating parts
Curren, Arthur N. & Cochran, Reeves P.
January 9, 1957
Primary view of Comparison of experimental with theoretical total-pressure loss in parallel-walled turbojet combustors
Dittrich, Ralph T.
January 9, 1957
Primary view of Flutter characteristics at transonic speeds of a 45 degree sweptback wing with and without inboard modifications at the leading and trailing edges
Sellers, Thomas B. & Land, Norman S.
January 9, 1957
Primary view of Free Spinning and Recovery Characteristics of 1/36-Scale Model of the Republic F-105B Airplane
Bowman, James S., Jr.
October 9, 1957
Primary view of Initial Operation and Testing of the Army Package Power Reactor APPR-1
Meem, J. L.
August 9, 1957
Primary view of Investigation of a 0.6 hub-tip radius-ratio transonic turbine designed for secondary-flow study: I: Design and experimental performance of standard turbine
Rohlik, Harold E.; Wintucky, William T. & Scibbe, Herbert W.
January 9, 1957
Primary view of Preparation, Cladding, and Evaluation of Titanium-boron Dispersions
Paprocki, Stan J.; Keller, Donald L.; Hodge, Edwin S.; Cunningham, George W.; Gedwill, Michael A. & Lozier, Donald E.
June 9, 1957
Primary view of A study of injection processes for liquid oxygen and gaseous hydrogen in a 200-pound-thrust rocket engine
Auble, Carmon M.
January 9, 1957