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Primary view of Development of a Thin-Liquid-Film Membrane Device for Reverse Osmosis
Davies, D. S.; Bemberis, I.; Wong, Chung-ming; Savage, W. F. & Channabasappa, K. C.
April 1971
Primary view of First annual report : operation of the multi-effect multi-stage flash distillation plant (Clair Engle), San Diego, California
unknown creator
Primary view of First Annual Report - Operation of the Multi-Effect Multi-Stage Flash Distillation Plant (Clair Engle), San Diego, California
Catalytic Construction Company
November 1970
Primary view of Neutron inelastic scattering investigation of water and ionic solutions
Safford, George Janeway, 1929-
Primary view of Oak Ridge National Laboratory Vertical Tube Evaporator Pilot Plant Annual Report for Fiscal Year 1969
Stearns-Roger Corporation
August 1970
Primary view of Operation of the multi-stage flash distillation plant, San Diego, California, third report (semi-annual)
unknown creator
Primary view of Saline Ground-Water Resources of the Rio Grande Drainage Basin: A Pilot Study
Kelly, T. E.; Myers, B. N. & Hershey, L. A.