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Primary view of Absorption-Multistage Flash Distillation Process
Fluor-Singmaster & Breyer, Inc.
September 1963
Primary view of Conceptual Design Study of a One Million Gallon Per Day MSM Desalination Plant-Replacement for Demonstration Plant No. 2 at Point Loma, San Diego, California
unknown creator
April 1967
Primary view of Design and Construction of a Desalination Pilot Plant, a Reverse Osmosis Process
Aerojet-General Corporation
January 1964
Primary view of Development of a Thin-Liquid-Film Membrane Device for Reverse Osmosis
Davies, D. S.; Bemberis, I.; Wong, Chung-ming; Savage, W. F. & Channabasappa, K. C.
April 1971
Primary view of The Economics of Desalting Brackish Waters for Regional, Municipal and Industrial Water Supply in West Texas
Ralph M. Parsons Company
September 1967
Primary view of First Annual Report - Operation of the Multi-Effect Multi-Stage Flash Distillation Plant (Clair Engle), San Diego, California
Catalytic Construction Company
November 1970
Primary view of Oak Ridge National Laboratory Vertical Tube Evaporator Pilot Plant Annual Report for Fiscal Year 1969
Stearns-Roger Corporation
August 1970
Primary view of Research on Thermoelectric Heat Pumps
Cox, E. F.
November 1963
Primary view of Reverse Osmosis for Water Desalination
Lonsdale, H. K.; Merten, U.; Riley, R. L.; Vos, K. D. & Westmoreland, J. C.
May 22, 1964
Primary view of Saline Ground-Water Resources of the Rio Grande Drainage Basin: A Pilot Study
Kelly, T. E.; Myers, B. N. & Hershey, L. A.
Primary view of Saline Water Conversion Demonstration Plant Number 1, Freeport, Texas, Volume 1
Stearns-Roger Manufacturing Company
January 1963
Primary view of Secondary Refrigerant Freezing Desalting Process: Operation of a 15,000 GPD Pilot Plant
Ganiaris, N.; Lambiris, J.; Glasser, R.; Hunter, J. A.; Rinne, W. W. & Verikios, S. C.
March 1969
Primary view of Summary Evaluation of Conceptual Design for 50 MGD Desalination Plant
Hunter, J. A.; Sieder, Everett N. & Tomalin, Paul G.
August 1967
Primary view of Vapor Compression Distillation using Secondary Heat Transfer Media
Chambers, John C.
January 1966