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Primary view of Design, Construction, Field Testing, and Cost Analysis of An Experimental Electrodialysis Demineralizer for Brackish Waters
Dankese, J. P.; Kirkham, T. A.; Maheras, G.; Mintz, M. S.; Powell, J. H.; Rosenberg, N. W. et al.
December 1956
Primary view of Development of A Direct-Freezing Continuous Wash-Separation Process for Saline Water Conversion
Bosworth, C. M.; Carfagno, S. S. & Sandell, D. J.
January 1959
Primary view of Investigation of the Availability of Geothermal Energy for the Demineralization of Saline Water
Research and Development Association. School of Mines.
July 1959
Primary view of Operation of Pilot Plant LTV Evaporator at Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina
W. L. Badger and Associates, Inc.
December 1959
Primary view of Research Continuation of Badger-Hickman Centrifugal Distallation Testing on Unit 4
Badger Manufacturing Company
March 1957
Primary view of Research on and Development of Badger-Hickman Centrifugal Distillation Techniques and Equipments
Badger Manufacturing Company
December 1956