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Primary view of A Comparison of Theory and Experiment for High-Speed Free-Molecule Flow
Stalder, Jackson R.; Godwin, Glen & Creager, Marcus O.
Primary view of Nomenclature for Aeronautics
unknown creator
Primary view of Performance of B. M. W. 185-Horsepower Airplane Engine
Sparrow, S W
January 1, 1923
Primary view of The Kiln Drying of Wood for Airplanes
Tiemann, Harry D.
Primary view of A low-speed experimental investigation of the effect of a sandpaper type of roughness on boundary-layer transition
Horton, Elmer A. & von Doenhoff, Albert E.
Primary view of A method of estimating the knock rating of hydrocarbon fuel blend
Sanders, Newell D
January 1, 1943
Primary view of The effect of cowling on cylinder temperatures and performance of a Wright J-5 engine
Schey, Oscar W & Biermann, Arnold E
January 1, 1930
Primary view of Preliminary report on the problem of the atmosphere in relation to aeronautics
Marvin, Charles F.
November 9, 1915
Primary view of Stability of the parachute and helicopter
Batemen, H.
Primary view of Supplies and production of aircraft woods
Sparhawk, W. N.
Primary view of Diaphragms for Aeronautic Instruments
Hersey, M D
January 1, 1924
Primary view of The Measurement of Fuel-Air Ratio by Analysis for the Oxidized Exhaust Gas
Gerrish, Harold C. & Meem, J. Lawrence, Jr.
January 1, 1943
Primary view of A Theoretical Investigation of Longitudinal Stability of Airplanes with Free Controls Including Effect of Friction in Control System
Greenberg, Harry & Sternfield, Leonard
January 1, 1944
Primary view of Icing-protection requirements for reciprocating-engine induction systems
Rollin, V. G.; Coles, W. D. & Mulholland, D. R.
January 1, 1950
Primary view of Lifting-surface-theory aspect-ratio corrections to the lift and hinge-moment parameters for full-span elevators on horizontal tail surfaces
Crandall, Stewart M & Swanson, Robert S
January 1, 1948
Primary view of The Lagrangian Multiplier Method of Finding Upper and Lower Limits to Critical Stresses of Clamped Plates
Hu, Pai C. & Budiansky, Bernard
January 1, 1946
Primary view of Ice prevention on aircraft by means of engine exhaust heat and a technical study of heat transmission from a Clark y airfoil
Clay, William C & Theodorsen, Theodore
January 1, 1933
Primary view of Comparison of high-speed operating characteristics of size 215 cylindrical-roller bearings as determined in turbojet engine and in laboratory test rig
Macks, E. Fred & Nemeth, Zolton N.
Primary view of An Introduction to the Laws of Air Resistance of Aerofoils
De Bothezat, George
September 1918
Primary view of Summary of information relating to gust loads on airplanes
Donely, Philip
January 1, 1950
Primary view of Calculation of the aerodynamic loading of swept and unswept flexible wings of arbitrary stiffness
Diederich, Franklin W
January 1, 1950
Primary view of Buckling of thin-walled cylinder under axial compression and internal pressure
Lo, Hsu; Crate, Harold & Schwartz, Edward B
January 1, 1951
Primary view of Compressive strength of flanges
Stowell, Elbridge Z
January 1, 1951
Primary view of A comparison of theory and experiment for high-speed free-molecule flow
Stalder, Jackson R; Goodwin, Glen & Creager, Marcus O
January 1, 1951