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Primary view of Adjustment of stick force by a nonlinear aileron-stick linkage
Lowry, John G.
November 1942
Primary view of Aerodynamic characteristics of four NACA airfoil sections designed for helicopter rotor blades
Rice, Fred J., Jr.
February 1946
Primary view of An analysis of the fatigue life of an airplane wing structure under overload conditions
Putnam, Abbott A. & Reisert, Thomas D.
February 1946
Primary view of Application of Balancing Tabs to Ailerons
Sears, Richard I.
June 1942
Primary view of An approximate determination of the power required to move control surfaces as related to control-booster design
Johnson, Harold I.
September 1945
Primary view of An approximate method of shear-lag analysis for beams loaded at right angles to the plane of symmetry of the cross section
Kuhn, Paul & Brilmyer, Harold G.
September 1943
Primary view of An automatically variable control linkage and its effect on the lateral-control characteristics of a high-speed fighter airplane
Gillis, Clarence L.
May 1944
Primary view of The belt method for measuring pressure distribution
Corson, Blake W., Jr.
February 1943
Primary view of Calculation of stick forces for an elevator with a spring tab
Greenberg, Harry
June 1944
Primary view of Calculation of tab characteristics for flight conditions from wind-tunnel data
Sears, Richard I.
April 1942
Primary view of Calculations of intake-air cooling resulting from water injection and of water recovery from exhaust gas
Rothrock, Addison M.
August 1944
Primary view of Comparative fatigue tests of riveted joints of Alclad 24S-T, Alclad 24S-T81, Alclad 24S-RT, Alclad 24S-T86 and Alclad 75S-T sheet
Moore, R. L. & Hill, H. N.
August 1945
Primary view of Comparative tests of the strength and tightness of commercial flush rivets of one type and NACA flush rivets in machine-countersunk and counterpunched joints
Mandel, Merven W.
February 1, 1944
Primary view of A comparison of data obtained by two flight techniques for determining the sideslip characteristics of a fighter airplane
Johnson, Harold I.
August 1945
Primary view of Comparison of structural efficiencies of diagonal-tension webs and truss webs of 24S-T aluminum alloy
Ochiltree, David W.
July 1945
Primary view of Comparison of tightness of 78 degrees machine-countersunk rivets driven in holes prepared with 78 degrees and 82 degrees countersinking tools
Gottlieb, Robert & Mandel, Merven W.
September 1942
Primary view of Computation of the mean tangential velocity of the air leaving the blade tips of a centrifugal supercharger
Brown, W. Byron
August 1945
Primary view of Critical compressive stress for curved sheet supported along all edges and elastically restrained against rotation along the unloaded edges
Stowell, Elbridge Z.
September 1943
Primary view of Cylinder-Head Cooling by Means of a Shield in the Exhaust Passage
Wilsted, H. D. & Mulcahy, B. A.
June 1944
Primary view of A Description of the Ju 88 Airplane Anti-Icing Equipment
Rodert, Lewis A. & Jackson, Richard
September 1942
Primary view of Determination from flight tests of thrust coefficients for 10 full-scale airplanes in the gliding condition with engine idling
Talmage, Donald B.
June 1945
Primary view of Determination of desirable lengths of Z- and channel-section columns for local-instability tests
Heimerl, George J. & Roy, J. Albert
October 1944
Primary view of Determination of iron contamination of used lubricating oil for use in measuring rates of wear in aircraft engines
Tischler, Adelbert O.
March 1944
Primary view of Dilution of exhaust-gas samples from a multicylinder engine equipped with an exhaust-gas collector
Butze, Helmut F.
February 1945