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Primary view of Argonne National Laboratory Annual Report: 1957
Argonne National Laboratory
Primary view of Design and Performance Characteristics of Magnetic Jack-Type Control Rod Drive
Young, Joseph N.
December 1957
Primary view of The EBWR: Experimental Boiling Water Reactor
Argonne National Laboratory
May 1957
Primary view of Engineering, Construction and Cost of the Argonaut Reactor
Armstrong, R. H.; Kolb, W. L.; Lennox, D. H.; Kelber, C. N.; Selep, Andrew & Spinrad, B. I.
March 1957
Primary view of The Fabrication of Certain Jacketed Uranium Helices
Yaggee, F. L.
May 1957
Primary view of Frequency Response Measurements of the EBWR Automatic Steam by-Pass Valve Control System
DeShong, J. A., Jr. & Beckjord, E. S.
June 1957
Primary view of A General Method for Comparing Thermal Performance of Fuel Element Geometries and Coolants for Non-Boiling Reactors
Freund, G. A. & London, A. L.
January 1957
Primary view of Hazard Summary Report Experimental Breeder Reactor II (EBR-II)
Koch, L. J.; Monson, H. O.; Okrent, D.; Levenson, M.; Simmons, W. R.; Humphreys, J. R. et al.
May 1957
Primary view of Hazards Summary Report on the Oxide Critical Experiments
Redman, W. C.; Thie, J. A. & Dates, L. R.
April 1957
Primary view of Manufacture of Fuel Plates for the Experimental Boiling Water Reactor
Macherey, R. E.; Bean, C. H.; Carson, N. J., Jr. & Lindgren, J. R.
June 1957
Primary view of Preliminary Design Requirements Argonne Boiling Reactor (ARBOR) Facility
Fromm, L. W.; Bernsen, S. A.; Bullinger, C. F. & Matousek, J. F.
July 15, 1957
Primary view of A Shielded Metallograph for Remote Metallography
Brown, F. L.; Haaker, L. W.; Paine, S. H. & Blomgren, R. A.
October 1957