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Primary view of Argonne High-Flux Research Reactor: AHFR Conceptual Design Study
Link, L. E.; Armstrong, R. H.; Cameron, T. C.; Heineman, J. B.; Kelber, C. N.; Kier, P. H. et al.
June 1959
Primary view of Argonne National Laboratory Annual Report: 1956
Argonne National Laboratory
Primary view of Argonne National Laboratory Annual Report: 1957
Argonne National Laboratory
Primary view of Argonne National Laboratory Annual Report: 1958
Argonne National Laboratory
Primary view of Calculations on U235 Fission Product Decay Chains
Faller, I. L.; Chapman, T. S. & West, J. M.
May 1952
Primary view of Condensation of Metal Vapors: Mercury and the Kinetic Theory of Condensation
Wilhelm, Donald J.
October 1964
Primary view of Cost Study of a 100-Mw(e) Direct-Cycle Boiling Water Reactor Plant
Bullinger, C. F. & Harrer, J. M.
July 1960
Primary view of Design and Testing of a High-Heat Flux Electron-Bombardment Heater
Carlson, R. D. & Holtz, R. E.
March 1968
Primary view of The EBWR: Experimental Boiling Water Reactor
Argonne National Laboratory
May 1957
Primary view of Electronic Distribution Functions and Thermodynamic Properties at High Temperatures
Brachman, Malcolm K. & Meyerott, Roland E.
May 1953
Primary view of Engineering, Construction and Cost of the Argonaut Reactor
Armstrong, R. H.; Kolb, W. L.; Lennox, D. H.; Kelber, C. N.; Selep, Andrew & Spinrad, B. I.
March 1957
Primary view of Engineering development of fluid-bed fluoride volatility processes
Vogel, G. J.
Primary view of Engineering Properties of Diphenyl
Anderson, Kermit
August 11, 1953
Primary view of The Expulsion of Liquid from a Rapidly Heated Channel
Singer, Ralph M.
May 1967
Primary view of Flow-Regime Transitions at Elevated Pressures in Vertical Two-Phase Flow
Baker, James L. L.
September 1965
Primary view of Gasification of Chars Produced Under Simulated in situ Processing Conditions Quarterly Report: October-December 1975
Fischer, J.; Lo, R.; Young, J. & Jonke, A. A.
Primary view of A Generalized Computer Program for Flowsheet Calculation and Process Data Reduction
Koppel, L. B.; Alfredson, P. G.; Anastasia, L. J.; Knudsen, I. E. & Vogel, G. J.
April 1966
Primary view of Heat Generation in Irradiated Uranium
Untermyer, Samuel & Weills, J. T.
February 25, 1952
Primary view of Heat Transfer, Flow Instability, and Critical Heat Flux For Water in a Small Tube At 200 psia
Weatherhead, R. J.
June 1963
Primary view of A Hybrid-Computer Program for Transient Temperature Calculations on TREAT Fast Reactor Safety Experiments
Bryant, Lawrence T.; Dickerman, Charles E. & Stephany, William P.
September 1967
Primary view of Idaho Division Summary Report
Novick, Meyer & Thalgott, F. W.
Primary view of Idaho Division Summary Report: July, August, September, 1960
Novick, Meyer & Thalgott, F. W.
Primary view of Interim Report: Faret Experimental Program
Smaardyk, A.; Bump, T. R.; Handwerk, J. & Handwerk, J.
April 1963
Primary view of Irradiation of an Aluminum Alloy-Clad, Aluminum-Uranium Alloy-Fueled Plate
Gavin, A. P. & Crothers, C. C.
July 1960