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Condition Survey: Carswell Air Force Base, Texas
The purpose of this report is to present the results of a condition survey performed at Carswell Air Force Base (CAFB), Texas, during 16-19 December 1972. The two major areas of interest considered in this survey were the structural condition of the primary airfield pavements and the condition of pavement repairs and the types of maintenance materials that have been used at this airfield.
Review of Soils Design, Construction, and Performance Observations: Benbrook Dam, Texas
"This report contains a summary of construction of procedures and field observations made during and after construction of Benbrook Dam, a brief review of the original design data, and comparisons of design predictions with performance data" (p. 1). It is part of a series to compare field experience and performance of existing structures with design predictions.
Water Quality of Lake Arlington on Village Creek, North-Central Texas 1973 to 1981
From purpose and scope: The purpose of this report is to describe and explain the historical, seasonal, and areal variations in the water quality of Lake Arlington between January 29, 1973, and August 20, 1981.