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Abernathyite, a New Uranium Mineral of the Metatorbernite Group
A report about a new uranium mineral from the Fuemrol No. 2 mine, Emery County, Utah, named abernathyite.
The Absorption Spectra of Complexes of Uranium (VI) with Some [beta]-Diketones
Abstract: "The absorption spectra of the complexes of uranium (VI) with four [beta]-diketones were determined under various conditions of pH, concentration of uranium, and alcohol concentration. Under optimum conditions, the maximum molar absorptivity (31,200) is obtained using 2-furoyltri-fluoroacetone. This compares with about 4,000 and 19,000 for the thiocyanate and dibenzoylmethane complexes, respectively."
Abstracts of the Literature Synthesis of Apatites and Some Related Phosphates: Part 1
Report presenting abstracts and major findings from physiological, biochemical, soil chemical, geological, and mineral studies of the apatite group of minerals.
Abundance and Distribution of Uranium and Thorium in Zircon, Sphene, Apatite, Epidote, and Monazite in Granitic Rocks
The following report covers investigations of uranium and thorium discovered within host minerals in the earth's crust, zircon, sphene, apatite, epidote, and monazite. The object of this investigation has been to obtain an approximate measure of the abundance and distribution of uranium and thorium among these five mineral phases.
Age Determination of Zircon Crystals From Ceylon
From Abstract: "Age determinations have been made on 21 crystals of gem quality zircon from Ceylon which are believed to have been derived from pegmatites of pre-Cambrian age."
Age Determinations of the Rocks of the Batholiths of Baja and Southern California, Sierra Nevada, Idaho, and the Coast Range of Washington, British Columbia, and Alaska
A report about the ages of the four great batholiths in the western United States.
Age Determinations on New Hampshire Granites
From abstract: "Age determinations by the Larsen method are reported for the four Paleozoic plutonic series of New Hampshire."
Age of the Boulder Batholith and Other Batholiths of Western Montana
Report presenting new data on the age of the Boulder, Philipsburg, and Idaho batholiths of western Montana.
An Air Concentrator for Very Low Grade Colorado Plateau Uranium Ores
Report discussing the use of an air concentrator on uraniferous sandstones for producing concentrates with over ten times the amount of uranium as original sandstone. A description of the concentrator, information regarding its operation, results of the concentration, information on the concentrator's applications, and a general summary are included.
Airborne Radioactivity Surveys for Phosphate in Florida
Introduction: Deposits of phosphate in Florida, located beyond the limits of known producing areas, have been reported by prospectors and mining companies. Much of the information has been based upon prospecting and exploration which was undertaken many years ago and as a result the published data relating to the occurrence of these deposits are fragmentary, and few details relating to specific locations and extent are available.
Airborne Radioactivity Surveys for Phosphate in Florida
Report discussing airborne radioactivity surveys, aimed at finding uraniferous phosphate deposits, in ten areas of Florida. A subsequent ground investigation of two radioactivity anomalies out of eight was conducted. Information on radioactivity measurements for each area is given as well as conclusions.
Airborne Radioactivity Surveys in Geologic Exploration
The following report describes the use of airborne radioactivity surveying and analytical techniques in geologic exploration by examples of the analysis or evaluation of airborne data related to specific geologic settings. The airborne radioactivity surveying program was begun in 1949 by the U.S. Geological Survey to assist in uranium exploration.
The Aluminum Phosphate Zone in the Peace River Area, Land-Pebble Phosphate Field, Florida
Report discussing information on the aluminum phosphate zone of the Peace River area. At the time of the report, the first plant to treat aluminum phosphate was probably to be located in this area. Information on the geology of the area, weathering/erosion, mineralogy, occurrence and distribution of aluminum, chemical relations and variations of aluminum phosphate, relation of geologic features, mining plans, and tonnage/grade of the zone are included.
The Anadarko Basin (of parts of Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, and Colorado)
Abstract: This report is a synthesis of published and unpublished data on the rocks of the Anadarko basin.
Annotated Bibliography of Salt Deposits: A Supplement to U.S. Geological Survey Bulletin 1019-J
Abstract: "This bibliography supplements the information on salt published in U.S. Geological Survey Bulletin 1019-J, "Annotated Bibliography and Index Map of Salt Deposits in the United States," by Walter B. Lang, 1957. The supplement contains additional information on the salt deposits of the United States and of foreign countries, as well as data on the composition, chemistry, geologic occurrences, geophysical exploration, distribution, technology, and production of salt. Additional supplements will be issued from time to time to keep information on these subjects current."
An Apparatus for the Study of Thermoluminescence from Minerals
This report discusses an apparatus that has been constructed to record the thermoluminescence of a mineral in the form of a powder or a single crystal at temperatures from -100 C to +400 C.
Application of Gamma-Ray Logs of Oil Wells to the Discovery of Radioactive Ore
Report discussing a study of 1,000 Gamma-ray logs of oil wells in the central part of the United States which confirmed the use of these logs for the detection of radioactive deposits.
Application of Mesityl Oxide to the Determination of Thorium
Report discussing a study in which "thorium nitrate is quantitatively extracted by mesityl oxide from solutions saturated with aluminum nitrate even in the presence of relatively large amounts of phosphate."
An Application of Spectrographic Microphotometric Scanning
A report about a previously published semiquantitative spectrographic method that was modified by applying microphotometric scanning of the spectrograms in such a way that the operator was free to do other work during a large part of the scanning time.
Appraisal of the Accuracy of U.S. Geological Survey Ore Reserve Estimates for Uranium-Vanadium Deposits on the Colorado Plateau
From Abstract: "The U.S. Geological Survey has made estimates of the reserves of uranium and vanadium in the carnotite deposits explored by Geological Survey drilling on the Colorado Plateau. This report presents an appraisal of the accuracy of the reserve estimates for deposits in the Uravan mineral belt, the causes of inaccuracy, and the significance of the estimates in terms of the total known reserves of the region."
Areal Geology of the Little Cone Quadrangle, Colorado
This report presents results of a geological study of the Little Cone quadrangle in southwestern Colorado, as well as information on the mineralogy of the location.
Areal Geology of the Placerville Quadrangle, Colorado
Report discussing the regional geology, geomorphology, structure, mineral deposits, and details of the sedimentary and igneous rocks of the Placerville Quadrangle in Colorado.
The Association of Uranium with Carbonaceous Materials on the Colorado Plateau
A report about uranium on the Colorado Plateau which is related to coalified wood, crude oil, carbonaceous shale, and carbonaceous matter of unknown origin.
An Automatic Micromuffle for the Determination of Ash in Carbonaceous Material
Abstract: An automatic micromuffle for the determination of the ash content of small samples of carbonaceous material is comprised of a furnace of the radiant-heating type with a direct reading pyrometer for temperature control. This furnace can be assembled with a minimum of labor using parts available from scientific laboratory apparatus companies.
Autunite From Mt. Spokane, Washington
Report discussing the coarsely crystalline autunite in granitic rock near Mt. Spokane, Washington. "This report is an abstract of a paper with the same title that is planned for publication in the American Mineralogist."
Bastnaesite, an Accessory Mineral in the Redstone Granite, Westerly, Rhode Island
Report discussing the occurrence and analysis of bastnaesite in the Redstone granite of the Sterling batholith near Westerly, Rhode Island.
A Battery-Powered Fluorimeter for the Determination of Uranium
Abstract: A transmission fluorimeter is described which is completely battery-powered and which is suitable for use in the laboratory, in field stations, or in mobile units. The ultraviolet light source is a 3-watt RP-12 lamp. The instrument is sufficiently sensitive for the determination of 0.001 percent uranium in a 0.4-mg sample.
Behavior of Colorado Plateau Uranium Minerals During Oxidation
A report about uranium in Colorado which oxidize to yield U(VI) before reacting significantly with other mineral constituents.
Behavior of Colorado Plateau Uranium Minerals During Oxidation
A report about uranium occurring as minerals of the Colorado Plateau ores.
Beryl Resources of New Hampshire
From Introduction: "The primary purpose of this work was to summarize and bring up to date the information on beryl resources as gained from investigations during 1942-45, to examine in detail certain beryl-bearing pegmatites discovered and developed in recent years, and to study other pegmatites and groups of pegmatites known or suspected to contain beryl."
Beryllium Deposits of the Mount Antero Region, Chaffee County, Colorado
Report discussing the possible existence of pegmatites containing beryllium deposits in the granite stock in the vicinity of Mount Antero and White Mountain, Chaffee County, Colorado.
Beryllium in Colorado
Report discussing properties and uses of beryllium and beryl, an ore of beryllium produced as a by-product of mining in Colorado.
Beryllium Minerals in the Victorio Mountains, Luna County, New Mexico
Report discussing beryllium deposits in the form of beryl, helvite, and beryllian idocrase in a small area of the Victorio Mountains of Luna County, New Mexico.
Bibliography and Index of Literature on Uranium and Thorium and Radioactive Occurrences in the United States Part 5: Northeastern Section
A bibliography which consists of references to published literature, press releases, speeches, and both open-file and other unclassified reports dealing with uranium, thorium, and radioactive occurrences in several United States states.
Bibliography and Index of U.S. Geological Survey Trace Elements and Related Reports Through June 1956
The following bibliography and index supersedes a previous report, TEI-500, "U.S. Geological Survey Trace Elements and Related Reports Through 1954".
Black Shale Investigations, Block 3, Tennessee
Report discussing a geological examination of the Chattanooga shale in the general vicinity of the Sequatchie Valley, Tennessee (Block 3) during the period from February 1948 to March 1948. This examination was part of a larger study of the distribution of uranium in the Chattanooga Shale.
Black Shale Investigations (Chattanooga)
Report discussing an investigation of radioactive Chattanooga black shale found in east central Tennessee.
Botanical Prospecting for Uranium in the Circle Cliffs Area, Garfield County, Utah
From introduction: This report details the results of a botanical prospecting method to determine the presence of uranium in the Circle Cliffs area.
Botanical Prospecting for Uranium in the Circle Cliffs Area, Garfield County, Utah
The following report covers botanical prospecting methods used to search for uranium in the Circle Cliffs area, Garfield County, Utah during 1954 and 1955. This report presents analytical data and much geologic knowledge on the Circle Cliffs area.
Botanical Prospecting for Uranium on La Ventana Mesa, Sandoval County, New Mexico
A report about uranium bearing coal in the Allison-Gibson members of the Cretaceous Mesaverde formation which crops out in erosional remnants of the mesa.
Carnotite-Bearing Sandstone in Cedar Canyon, Slim Buttes, Harding County, South Dakota
A report about carnotite-bearing sandstone and clay which has been found in the Chadron formation of the White River group of Oligocene age in the southern part of the Slim Buttes area, Harding County, S. Dakota. The mineralized sandstone contains as much as 0.23 percent uranium.
Carnotite Resources in the Charles T. Area and Vicinity, San Miguel County, Colorado
Report discussing an exploratory drilling program in the Charles T. area and vicinity during the period from November 1947 and September 1949. "The purpose of the exploration was to discover new carnotite deposits to support milling operations on the Colorado Plateau, and to appraise the uranium and vanadium resources of the area explored."
Carnotite Resources of Club Mesa, Montrose County, Colorado
Report discussing the U.S. Geological Survey's investigation of carnotite deposits found at Club Mesa, Colorado.
Carnotite Resources of Outlaw Mesa, Mesa County, Colorado
Report discussing the U.S. Geological Survey's exploration from 1949 to 1951 of carnotite deposits in Outlaw Mesa, Colorado.
Carnotite Resources of San Miguel Bench, Montrose County, Colorado
Abstract: San Miguel bench includes about 4 square miles in the southern part of T. 48 N., R. 17 W., New Mexico principal meridian, Montrose County, Colorado. Production of carnotite ore from the area has been about 15, 000 short tons having an estimated average graderof 0. 31 percent U3O8,and 1. 6 percent V2 05 Nearly all of the carnotite deposits occur in a single-continuous sandstone bed near the top of the Salt Wash member of the Jurassic Morrison formation. These deposits consist chiefly of sandstone impregnated with uranium- and vanadium-bearing minerals. They are irregular tabular-shaped masses ranging in size from a few short tons to 30, 000 short tons or more of minable carnotite ore. During the period November 27, 1951, to April 17, 1953, the U. S. Geological Survey drilled 309 holes totaling 92, 194 feet on the San Miguel bench. Reserves total about 43, 000 short tons of material 1 foot or more thick and contain 0,.10 percent or more U30 or 1. 0 percent or more V205. Of these reserves 3, 300 short tons occur in private land. These reserves are in ten deposits found by Geological Survey drilling. Potential reserves (reserves based on geologic evidence only) are predicted to total about 15, 000 short tons, averaging 0.30 percent U308 and 1.6 percent V2 05 No additional exploration drilling in the San Miguel bench is planned by the Geological Survey. Some drilling by private enterprise is recommended.
Carnotite Resources of San Miguel Bench, Montrose County, Colorado
Report discussing the San Miguel bench and the production of carnotite from deposits consisting of sandstone with uranium- and vanadium-bearing minerals.
Carnotite Resources of the Calamity Group Area, Mesa County, Colorado
Report discussing the U.S. Geological Survey's investigation of the Calamity group area and the carnotite deposits which are found in this area, often in sandstone.
Carnotite Resources of the Legin Group Area, San Miguel County, Colorado
From abstract: The Legin group area comprises five privately owned claims, nine Government claims, and some public land. The area is in parts of secs. 28 and 29, T. 43 N., R. 19 W., New Mexico principal meridian, San Miguel County, Colo. It is about 45 miles from the Government mill at Monticello, Utah, and 50 miles from the Vanadium Corporation of America mill at Naturita, Colo. The Legin group area has yielded a total production of more than 18,000 short tons of carnotite ore that averaged 0.32 percent U30 and 2.5 percent V 205 . Most of this production was accomplished during the years from 1935 to 1944, and from 1949 to October 1951.
Carnotite Resources of the Spud Patch Area, San Miguel County, Colorado
Report discussing the geography and ores of the Spud patch area, which acted as a source of carnotite ore from deposits in a sandstone lens.
Carnotite Resources of the Upper Group Area, San Miguel County, Colorado
Report discussing the exploration of the Upper group area in San Miguel County, Colorado, and the investigation of carnotite ores produced from this area.