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Air conditions close to the ground and the effect on airplane landings
This report presents the results of an investigation undertaken to determine the feasibility of making glide landings in gusty air. Wind velocities were measured at several stations between the ground and a height of 51 feet, and flight tests were made to determine the actual influence of gusts on an airplane gliding close to the ground.
Analytical investigation of acceleration restriction in a fighter airplane with an automatic control system
From Introduction: "In the present report, consideration is given to certain features intended to improve the accleration-limiting characteristics of a normal-accleration control system."
An analytical investigation of airplane spin-recovery motion by use of rotary-balance aerodynamic data
From Introduction: "Many investigations have been made in the Langley 20-foot free-spinning tunnel in which the natures of airplane spins and recoveries have been determined experimentally with dynamically scaled-down models. The results of some of these investigations are presented in references 1 to 5."
An apparatus for measuring rates of discharge of a fuel-injection system
From Introduction: "An apparatus that gives a quick and an accurate measurement of the rate of discharge has been has been designed by the NACA and is described in this report."
Effect of Radiation Damage on SM-1, SM-1A and PM-2A Reactor Vessels
Report describing the status of the SM-1, SM-1A, and PM-2A reactors, specifically regarding the effects "of irradiation on nil-ductility transition temperature and the associated problem of brittle fracture." (p. iii)