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Automatic Dilution Gaging of Rapidly Varying Flow
From introduction: The purpose of this report is to develop and evaluate a method to automate the constant-rate-injection technique, described by Cobb and Bailey, with sufficient accuracy and reliability to determine discharge in storm sewers under rapidly varying flow conditions.
Comparison of the Radioactive and Modified Techniques for Measurement of Stream Reaeration Coefficients
This report compares the techniques used to measure re-aeration coefficients for Black Earth Creek and the Madison Effluent Channel near Madison, Wisconsin using radioactive and modified tracers. It contains maps, graphs, and photographs.
External Environmental Radiation Measurements in the United States
Report regarding ion chamber measurements made of the external environmental radiation in various location in the United States during the summer of 1957.
Hydrology of the Lake Wingra Basin, Dane County, Wisconsin
From introduction: The purpose of this report is to describe the hydrologic system in the Lake Wingra basin, with particular emphasis on the hydrolic budget of the lake itself.
Hydrology of the Nevin Wetland near Madison, Wisconsin
This report focuses on the Nevin Wetland near Madison, Wisconsin and presents a detailed report on the quality of the ground-water, it's components, and what environmental factors influence these components. It includes maps and tables.
Measurement and Prediction of Sediment Yields in Wisconsin Streams
From introduction: This report presents practical and useful sediment-yield information for Wisconsin. Measured and estimated sediment yields are supplemented by information on suspended-sediment concentration and particle size of suspended and bed material for 84 sites in the State. To expand the usefulness of these data, an additional section in the report presents a method to estimate or predict sediment yields in ungaged streams.
Monthly and Annual Water Budgets of Lake Wingra, Madison, Wisconsin, 1972-1977
From abstract: This report presents estimated annual and monthly water budgets for lake Wingra and the adjacent wetland area for January 1972 through September 1977. Annually, inputs from precipitation, surface runoff, and ground-water inflow are approximately equal (31, 34, and 35 percent, respectively). Outputs include outflow from the lake into Murphy Creek (70 percent), evotranspiration from the lake and wetland (26 percent), and ground-water outflow (4 percent).
Preliminary Evaluation of the Water-Supply Potential of the Spring-River System in the Weeki Wachee Area and the Lower Withlacoochee River, West-Central Florida
This report describes the use of "radioactive and modified tracer techniques . . . to measure the re-aeration coefficients of two reaches each of Black Earth Creek and the Madison Effluent Channel near Madison, Wisconsin." It contains maps and graphs.