3Dhotbed: 3D Printed History of the Book Teaching Tools

About the Project

3Dhotbed is a collaborative project that seeks to make historical re-creations of certain tools and implements used in book history instruction more easily accessible for pedagogical purposes. Led by faculty from the University of North Texas and Texas A&M University Libraries, the year-long project sought to create, utilize, and disseminate the data necessary to reproduce teaching models of the tools used to cast moveable type during the hand-press era. Learn more at the 3dhotbed project website.

About the Collection

The collection includes downloadable datasets necessary to 3D print the 3Dhotbed teaching toolkit in individual pieces or as a complete model set. The toolkit includes all the pieces necessary to teach the punch matrix system in a classroom setting: a punch, a matrix, an adjustable hand mould, an individual piece of type with an attached jet, and a piece of type with a removable jet attachment.

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