3Dhotbed: 3D Printed History of the Book Teaching Tools

About the Project

3Dhotbed is a collaborative project that seeks to make historical re-creations of certain tools and implements used in book history instruction more easily accessible for pedagogical purposes. Led by faculty from the University of North Texas, the University of California Los Angeles, and Texas A&M University Libraries, the project seeks to create, utilize, and disseminate the data necessary to reproduce teaching models relating to book history. The Typecasting Toolkit demonstrates how type was designed and cast during the hand-press era. Learn more at the 3dhotbed website.

About the Collection

The collection includes downloadable datasets necessary to 3D print the 3Dhotbed typecasting toolkit in individual pieces or as a complete model set. The toolkit includes all the pieces necessary to teach the punch matrix system in a classroom setting: a punch, a matrix, an adjustable hand mould, an individual piece of type with an attached jet, and a piece of type with a removable jet attachment. The collection also includes datasets to print other related tools commonly used in book history instruction including a fixed width composing stick and a facsimile of a 16th century woodcut.

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