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The Stan Kenton Collection in the UNT Digital Library contains more than 600 photographs of bandleader Stan Kenton and his orchestras. The photographs come from a much larger collection of Kenton materials available in tangible form at the UNT Music Library.

The Physical Collection

World renowned bandleader Stan Kenton bequeathed his entire orchestra library to UNT. The collection comprises more than 2,000 manuscripts representing the work of Kenton's famous arrangers including Bill Holman, Pete Rugolo, Robert Graettinger, and Bill Russo. The Stan Kenton Collection is supplemented by a gift from Noel Wedder, Kenton's publicist, of over six hundred photographs of Kenton and his orchestra, and a collection of research materials related to Robert Graettinger, donated by his biographer Robert Morgan.

For more information, including inventories of scores, photographs, and the Robert Graettinger Research Collection, as well as links to reference materials, please see the UNT Music Library's Stan Kenton Collection page.

If you are interested in helping to preserve and make the Stan Kenton Collection more accessible, please contact Head Music Librarian Mark McKnight, 940-565-2859. The Music Library is actively soliciting grants, donations, and other support from individuals, foundations, and others interested in this important work.

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