Office of Technology Assessment - Titles Matching

Adolescent Health 4
AIDS-related issues 2
AIDS-related issues. Staff paper 3
Air Transport Technology 1
Alternative Approaches to Cargo Policy 1
Alternative Energy Futures 1
An Assessment of Community Planning for Mass Transit 11
Assessing Biological Diversity in the United States: Data Considerations 1
Background paper 82
Case Study Series 4
Children's Mental Health: Problems and Services 1
Computer-Based National Information Systems 1
Energy from Biological Processes 1
Fiscal Year 1986 1
Health technology case study 2
Health Technology Case Study Twenty-seven: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technology 1
Health technology case study: 38 1
HIV-related issues. Background paper 5
Impact of Advanced Air Transport Technology 3
The Implications of Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Medical Technology 20
Increased Automobile Fuel Efficiency and Synthetic Fuels: Alternatives for Reducing Oil Imports. 1
NASA contractor report 1
New developments in biotechnology 3
New developments in neuroscience 2
OTA background papers 25
OTA Special Report 1
Preventive Health Services Under Medicare 5
Protecting the Nation's Groundwater from Contamination 2
Renewable Ocean Energy Sources 1
Special Report 3
Staff paper 9
Synthetic Fuels for Transportation 1
Technical Memoranda 36
Technology and Handicapped People 1
Technology Assessment of Changes in the Future Use and Characteristics of the Automobile Transportation System 1
Technology, Innovation, and Regional Economic Development 2
U.S. Natural Gas Availability 1
Wood Use 2