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Primary view of Contractor report on mineral processing
Harvey, W. William
July 1987
Primary view of Life sustaining technologies and the elderly: legal issues: Federal Republic of Germany
Haug, Christoph
Primary view of Life sustaining technologies and the elderly: legal issues: Yugoslavia
Haug, Christoph
Primary view of The immunological aspects of neural grafting
Hickey, William F.
October 10, 1989
Primary view of Scenarios of five federal agencies (1991-95) as shaped by information technology: a report to the Federal Government Information Technology Project
Hitchcock, Henry H.; Heinz, Lisa & Coates, Joseph F.
June 21, 1985
Primary view of A study of distance education policies in state education agencies
Holznage, Donald C. & Olson, Thomas
February 24, 1989
Primary view of Evaluation of the evidence on the effectiveness of well child care services for children
Homer, Charles J.
July 1988
Primary view of The international dimension: new technologies and intellectual property rights
Homet, Roland S., Jr.
October 1984
Primary view of Benefit charges for financing infrastructure: a report
Hopkins, Thomas D.
August 1989
Primary view of Reform of Medicare physician payment policies: impact on magnetic resonance imaging technology
Iezzoni, Lisa I.; Grad, Oren & Moskowitz, Mark A.
September 1985
Primary view of New developments in biotechnology: patenting life: Intellectual property protection for plants and varieties
Ihnen, Jeffrey L.; Gallegos, R. T. & Jondle, R. J.
November 1987
Primary view of Services in the U.S. balance of payments 1982-1984: documentation of OTA estimates
Industry, Technology and Employment Program, Office of Technology Assessment, United States. Congress.
July 1986
Primary view of Analysis of issues relating to implementing a medicare physician fee schedule
Juba, David
November 1985
Primary view of Legal perceptions and medical decisionmaking
Kapp, Marshall B. & Lo, Bernard
March 1986
Primary view of Accuracy of diagnosis and consequences of misdiagnosis of disorders causing dementia
Katzman, Robert; Lasker, Bruce & Bernstein, Nancy
June 1986
Primary view of The Role of technology transfer for China's economic future
Keidel, Albert
May 1986
Primary view of Life sustaining technologies: elderly in Japan
Kimura, Rihito
Primary view of The clinical economics of nutrition support services and antibiotic medications for the critically and terminally ill elderly
Kitz, Deborah S.; Glick, Henry & Eisenberg, John M.
June 2, 1986
Primary view of Innovative use of information technology in facilitating public access to agency decisionmaking: an assessment of the experience in state and local governments: final report
Kraeme, Kenneth L.
March 1985
Primary view of A comparative review of information technology management practices in selected state governments
Kresslein, John C.
December 1984
Primary view of The medical care and treatment of the critically-ill elderly in China: issues and lessons for American policies
Langenbrunner, John C.
April 1986
Primary view of Identifying potential scientists and engineers: an analysis of the high school-college transition, Report 2, Multivariate analysis of the high school class of 1982
Lee, Valerie E.
September 4, 1987
Primary view of Patenting life: Commercial applications and economic impact of patented animals
Lesser, William H.
June 1988
Primary view of The Apollo program: science/engineering personnel demand created by a federal research mission
Levine, Arnold S.
January 1987