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Primary view of The transfer of western managerial knowledge to China
Fischer, William A.
May 1986
Primary view of Dementia among nursing home patients: defining the condition, characteristics of the demented, and dementia on the RUG-II classification system
Foley, William J.
April 1986
Primary view of Economic incentives and disincentives for recycling of municipal solid waste
Franklin Associates, Ltd.
December 1988
Primary view of Public access to congressional support agency information in the technological age: case studies
Frantzich, Stephen
November 12, 1987
Primary view of Congressional applications of information technology
Frantzich, Stephen E.
February 1985
Primary view of Renal dialysis decisionmaking
Freeman, Richard B.
March 1, 1986
Primary view of Experiences of the Atlanta area ADRDA in the development and management of the community services program
French, Carolyn W.
April 1986
Primary view of National security risks of dual-use transfers to China
Frieman, Wendy
July 7, 1986
Primary view of Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) Materials at the National Archives and Record Administration (NARA), May 12, 1998
Fulgham, Matt
May 12, 1998
Primary view of Images of science: factors affecting the choice of science as a career
Fullilove, Robert E.
September 1987
Primary view of Classification systems for decisionmaking for critically ill elderly patients
Gage, Robert W.
Primary view of Background paper on cataract surgery and physician payment under the Medicare program
Garrison Jr., Louis P. & Yamashiro, Sandra M.
October 1985
Primary view of New developments in neuroscience: neural transplants and nerve regeneration technologies: ethical issues: final draft
Gervais, Karen G.
January 13, 1989
Primary view of Effects of quality of care information on consumer choice of physicians and hospitals
Glanz, Karen & Rudd, Joel
Primary view of A review of the status of technology training for teachers
Glenn, Allen D. & Carrier, Carol A.
September 22, 1987
Primary view of Industrial support of university training and research: implications for scientific training in the "steady state"
Gluck, Michael E.
August 1987
Primary view of Life sustaining technologies and the elderly: prolonged mechanical ventilation
Goldberg, Allen I.
October 15, 1985
Primary view of Issues in American engineering education: a selective review of the literature: a draft report
Goldman, Steven L.
Primary view of Federal tax policy and infrastructure financing: a report to the Office of Technology Assessment, U.S. Congress
Graham, D. W. & Shinn, Paul L.
September 13, 1989
Primary view of Effects of office automation on the public sector workforce: a case study
Greenbaum, Joan M.; Pullman, Cydney & Szymanski, Sharon
April 1985
Primary view of American firms and the transfer of technology to China: how business people view the process
Grow, Roy F. & Gilbert, Dayton
February 1987
Primary view of Science in the steady state: the changing research university: contractor's report
Hackett, Edward J.
September 1987
Primary view of Evaluation of effects of the quality of care of selected alternatives for paying physicians under the Medicare program
Hammons, Glenn T.; Brook, Robert H. & Newhouse, Joseph P.
September 1985
Primary view of Life-sustaining technologies and the elderly: manpower for selected technologies
Hanft, Ruth S.; White, Catherine C. & Fishman, Linda E.
January 1986