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Primary view of Evaluating distance learning technology
Clark, Richard E.
May 1989
Primary view of Technology assessment on future developments in life sustaining technologies for elderly
Cleveland Clinic Foundation: International Center for Artificial Organs and Transplantation
Primary view of Changes in sexual behavior of homosexual and bisexual men since the beginning of the AIDS epidemic
Coates, Thomas J.; Stall, Ron D. & Hoff, Coleen C.
March 1988
Primary view of Payments to physicians in the Permanente Medical Group
Collen, Morris F.
August 1985
Primary view of The federal regulatory response to the problem of neurotoxicity: a report
Courteau, Jacqueline B. & Young, John S.
December 1988
Primary view of The epidemiology of dementing disorders
Cross, Peter S. & Gurland, Barry J.
January 1986
Primary view of Japan's science and engineering pipeline: structure, policies, and trends
Cummings, William K.
October 23, 1987
Primary view of Financing care for patients with Alzheimer's disease and related disorders
Davis, Karen & Neuman, Patricia
August 11, 1986
Primary view of The evolution of distance learning: technology-mediated interactive learning: a report for the study, "Technologies for learning at a distance", Science, Education, and Transportation Program
Dede, Christopher
July 1989
Primary view of The effectiveness of AIDS educational programs for intravenous drugs users
Des Jarlais, Don C.
March 1988
Primary view of The context for exploring workplace monitoring
Deutsch, Steven
September 26, 1986
Primary view of The international context of labor-management relations: implications for workplace monitoring
Deutsch, Steven
September 26, 1986
Primary view of Psychophysiological monitoring: possibilities and prospects
Donchin, Emanuel
September 1987
Primary view of The effectiveness of educational programs to help prevent school-age youth from contracting HIV: a review of relevant research
Douglas, Kirby
March 1988
Primary view of Computer networks in elementary and secondary education
Dowdy, Earl
October 16, 1987
Primary view of Child maltreatment in the United States: etiology, impact, and prevention
Dubowitz, Howard
May 1987
Primary view of Life-sustaining technologies and the elderly: legal issues: Canada
Dugan, Holly
Primary view of The Senior Respite Care Program
Dunn, Louise
April 1986
Primary view of Philosophical issues concerning the rights of patients suffering serious permanent dementia
Dworkin, Ronald
Primary view of Assessing human risks posed by neurotoxic substances: final draft
ENVIRON Corporation
December 16, 1988
Primary view of Employee perceptions and supervisory behaviors in clerical VDT work performed on systems that allow electronic monitoring
Eisenman, Elaine J.
April 1986
Primary view of Electric power wheeling and dealing: technological considerations for increasing competition: volume II--contractor documents, part C.
Fenn, Scott
January 1988
Primary view of Transplantation of adrenal tissue into the nervous system
Fine, Alan
July 30, 1989
Primary view of Politics, policy, and China's future course
Fingar, Thomas
May 1986