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Annual Report to the Congress, Fiscal Year 1992
Annual report of the progress and budget of the Office of Technology Assessment. 20th Anniversary Edition.
Insider's Guide to OTA
An informal orientation to the OTA. Addresses new employees' frequently asked questions; intended as a complimentary document to the official Employee Handbook.
Catalog of OTA Publications, 1972 - 1994
A cumulative catalog of the Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) documents published from 1972 through 1994.
Office of Technology Assessment List of Publications, January 1987
A catalog of Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) documents published through 1987.
OTA Forum on Technology and Governance in the 19901, January 27, 1993
This document is a program from the Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) Forum on Technology and Governance in the 1990s, held on January 27, 1993. The program includes a schedule of events and biographical information on each of the forum speakers.
Office of Technology Assessment List of Publications, January 1993
A catalog of Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) documents published through 1993.
Insider's Guide to OTA, January 1995
This guide is intended as an informal orientation to some aspects of life at the Office of Technology Assessment (OTA), and to answer some of the questions frequently asked about OTA. This guide was created in the hopes of acquainting new employees with the procedures, materials, information, and expertise that lie within OTA.
OTA Vertical File
Indexing document by file number.
Impact of Advanced Air Transport Technology: Part 2: The Air Cargo System
An assessment by the Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) that "seeks to put in perspective the role and importance of aircraft technology in the total air cargo system" (p. iii).
Radiofrequency Use and Management: Impacts From the World Administrative Radio Conference of 1979
A study by the Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) that examines the Final Acts of the General World Administrative Radio Conference (WARC-79) "in a comprehensive way-describing U.S. preparations and involvement, and the impact of the conference" (p. 3).
Criteria for Evaluating the Implementation Plan Required By the Earthquake Hazards Reduction Act of 1977: A Background Paper
An assessment by the Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) that looks at the Earthquake Hazards Reduction Act of 1977 and "identifies 14 basic issues or conflicts with which th [sic] implementation plan must cope in order to achieve its objectives" (Introduction).
Impact of Advanced Group Rapid Transit Technology
An assessment by the Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) of advanced group rapid transit (AGRT) that looks at possibilities for "further advances in automated guideway transit (AGT) technology, and evaluates their potential impacts on various stakeholder groups" (p. iii).
Blood Policy and Technology
An assessment by the Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) that assesses the bloody policy and technologies, specifically recent developments in the fields.
Alaskan Water for California?: The Subsea Pipeline Option
This background paper focuses on one technological option for increasing the supply of fresh water to the Southwest-that of building a freshwater subsea pipeline to transport water from Alaska to California. Originally a suggestion by Governor Walter Hickel of Alaska, the proposal has recently attracted attention in southern California.
NASA's Office of Space Science and Applications: Process, Priorities and Goals
This Background Paper summarizes a one-day workshop convened to assess the effectiveness of the planning and priority-setting mechanisms used by NASA’s Office of Space Science and Applications (OSSA) in carrying out its diverse scientific program.
Researching Health Risks
This report describes the Federal Government’s research activities that are intended to improve health risk assessments. One of the findings of this Report is that the attention and resources allotted to health risk assessment research are not commensurate with its national impact.
Indian Adolescent Mental Health
This report reviews the mental health needs of Indian adolescents (those of American Indian and Alaska Native descent) and the services available to them. It summarizes the findings of the review, suggests options that Congress might consider, and provides an overview of other special health needs of adolescents (ages 10 to 18).
Preparing for science and engineering careers: field level profiles
This Staff Paper is an addendum to Demographic Trends and the Scientific and Engineering Work Force, an OTA Technical Memorandum published in December 1985. The paper was produced in response to a request by Committee on Science and Technology of the House of Representatives, to examine differences in the supply and demand of personnel across individual field of science and engineering, and the sensitivity of these fields to demographic trends.
Industry, Technology, and the Environment: Competitive Challenges and Business Opportunities
This report finds both competitive challenges and opportunities from environmental concerns and industrial competitiveness for two sets of American industries affected by environmental regulation: those in the business of making and selling environmental technologies, and the manufacturing firms that are among their major customers.
Airport and Air Traffic Control System
A report by the Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) that assesses "scenarios of future growth in air transportation; alternative ways to increase airport and terminal area capacity; technological and economic alternatives to the ATC (air traffic control) system modifications proposed by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration); and alternatives to the present ATC process" (p. 3).
Policy Implications of the Computed Tomography (CT) Scanner: An Update: Background Paper
A paper by the Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) that "considers the CT scanner in the context of the entire field of what has come to be called 'diagnostic imaging' " and summarizes "the most important development concerning CT scanners that have occurred over the past 2 1/2 years" (p. iii).
An Assessment of Technology for Local Development
A study by the Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) that "addresses the question of local development and the opportunities for-and appropriateness of-various technologies that can help local people to take advantage of local resources in meeting the needs of their own communities" (p. iii).
U.S. Disaster Assistance to Developing Countries: Lessons Applicable to U.S. Domestic Disaster Programs: A Background Paper
A background paper prepared by the Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) that looks at the "relationship between disasters in the developing countries and natural hazards in the United States" (p. iii).
Enhanced Oil Recovery Potential in the United States
A report by the Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) assessing "the potential of enhanced recovery techniques for freeing more of this oil [discovered oil] from the sandstone and limestone formations in which it is trapped" (Foreward).
Technology Assessment in Business and Government
Hearings held by the Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) with the purpose of developing "a better understanding of how the processes of technology assessment have affected decisionmaking in the public and private sectors" (p.1).
Commercial Biotechnology: An International Analysis
A report by the Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) that "assesses the competitive position of the United States with respect to Japan and four European countries believed to be the major competitors in the commercial development of 'new biotechnology'" (p. iii).
Holding the Edge: Maintaining the Defense Technology Base—Vol. II, Appendices
The report notes that America’s defense technology base has weathered significantly, with challenges to U.S. high-Technology firms from abroad, increasing dependence on foreign and civilian sources of technology for use in military systems, and growing technological sophistication of our adversaries.
Affordable Spacecraft: Design and Launch Alternatives
This background paper examines several proposals for reducing the costs of spacecraft and other payloads and describes launch systems for implementing them. It is one of a series of products of a broad assessment of space transportation technologies undertaken by OTA at the request of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, and the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology.
Science, Technology, and the First Amendment: special report
Part I of the report discusses how the meaning of “the press” has expanded from printed material to include a wide range of broadcast and electronic media. Satellites, computers, electronic bulletin boards, teletex, videotext, and other new ways of gathering, editing, and delivering news are blurring legal and regulatory distinctions between common carriers and “the press, ” thus changing arguments about the constitutional rights that they have each enjoyed. Part II addresses freedom of speech and press as they apply to scientific communications and technological know-how. As science and technology become ever more important to our economy and our military strength, the delicate balance between individual rights and the national interest becomes both more important and more difficult to maintain.
Assessing Contractor Use in Superfund: a background paper of OTA's assessment on Superfund implementation
This report addresses five key questions; to what extent is superfund dependent on contractors? Why depend on contracting to such a great extent? Is the extent of superfund’s dependence on contracting appropriate? Does the extent of superfund’s dependence on contracting reduce environmental effectiveness? Is superfund’s heavy dependence on contracting cost effective?
Energy in Developing Countries
This report, the first of two, was prepared in response to the requesting committees’ interest in receiving an interim product. It examines how energy is supplied and used in developing countries, and how energy use is linked with economic and social development and environmental quality.
Technology Against Terrorism: Structuring Security
This report is devoted primarily to three other topics: interagency coordination of efforts in counterterrorist research and development, integrated security systems, and the role of human factors in aviation security. In addition, it furnishes details on a number of technologies that play a role in counterterrorism.
The Use of Preventive Services by the Elderly
This paper reviews both new and previously published data on the proportions of elderly currently receiving a variety of preventive health services; we examine factors associated with whether the elderly receive these services; and we analyze the likely implications for Medicare if preventive health services were offered as covered benefits.
Hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, and related therapies for renal dialysis and the elderly/technology
This report provides the Office of Technology Assessment with an overview of some of the investment issues affecting the future of the electric power industry in support of OTA's ongoing study on competition in the industry.
Release of physician-specific quality of care information: legal issues
This report discusses the physician-specific vs. patient-specific data, the identifiable interests vie for attention in the analysis of physician-identified data collection and disclosure.
The Apollo program: science/engineering personnel demand created by a federal research mission
This report examines several related areas: Were the manpower resources for Apollo available when they were needed? Did Apollo succeed in creating research capabilities that outlasted the program that created them? Finally, can we change Federal research missions better, based on the Apollo experience?
Electric power wheeling and dealing: technological considerations for increasing competition: volume II--contractor documents, part C.
This report is to provide the Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) with an overview of some of the investment issues affecting the future of the electric power industry in support of OTA's ongoing study on competition in the industry. The paper is organized in three chapters.
New developments in neuroscience: neural transplants and nerve regeneration technologies: ethical issues: final draft
The focal point of this report is elaboration of the metaphysical and ethical issues raised by neural transplants.
Composting technologies, costs, programs, and markets
This report provides an overview of the technology of composting which involves three major steps: 1) the preparation of the raw material, 2) the compost process itself, and 3) the grading of the final product.
Preventive health services for children and youth under Medicaid: early and periodic screening, diagnosis, and treatment
This report discusses the early and periodic screening, diagnosis, and treatment (EPSDT) program which is a Medicaid program of preventive and comprehensive services that States must make available to children and youth eligible for Medicaid.
Medicaid participation by pediatricians and obstetricians
This report reviews some of the literature on physician participation in Medicaid, and analyzes some recent data on Medicaid expenditures for physician services across the country and in the State of California.
The epidemiology of dementing disorders
This report discusses causes of the dementia, precipitating or aggravating factors, present and projected needs for people and programs to provide services to victims and their families, groups at high risk for these disorders, frequency of unrecognized or inadequately treated cases, and the costs of the disorders, public and private, economic and non-economic.
Life-sustaining technologies and the elderly: manpower for selected technologies
This report discusses use an manpower issues related to file life-sustaining technologies widely used by elderly: dialysis, mechanical ventilation, resuscitation, antibiotics, and nutrition support.
Patenting life:Report on agricultural applications and the economic impact of patents on plant breeding
This report provides an introduction on intellectual property statutes in the United States. It discusses the seed and plant industries in the U.S., management of patents and public issues.
Institutional approaches to the care of individuals with dementia: report of a national facility survey and the Hebrew Home for the Aged at Riverdale, as a case study: prepared under contract for the (U.S.) Congressional Office of Technology Assessment
This report discusses the provision components, compassionate and cost-effective care to individuals with dementing illnesses, and their families.
Responses to decision analysis framework for GPO strategic alternatives; report on federal information dissemination
This report discusses proliferation in the demand for information and proliferation of technology and its application.
Computers and learning: do they work?: a review of research
This report discusses the role of computer in utilizing learning process.
Assessing cost-effectiveness of computer-based technology in public elementary and secondary schools
This report begins with an explanation of why cost effectiveness studies are important, it continues with the basic economic paradigm for assessing cost-effectiveness.