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Primary view of Life-sustaining technology and the elderly: geriatric expertise in the context of critical and terminal care
American Geriatrics Society
November 22, 1985
Primary view of New developments in biotechnology: field-testing engineered organisms: genetic and ecological issues: contractor documents, volume 1
Andow, D. A.; Snapp, S. S. & Teng, P. S.
April 9, 1986
Primary view of Legal and regulatory issues for neural grafts
Andrews, Lori B.
October 1989
Primary view of International neurotoxicology research: current activities and future directions: a report
Annau, Zoltan
Primary view of The impact of office automation on the quality of work life: policy implications
Ashford, Nicholas A.
December 1984
Primary view of Soviet science and engineering education and work force policies: recent trends
Balzer, Harley
Primary view of The frozen North: controlling physician costs through controlling fees: the Canadian experience
Barer, Morris L.; Evans, Robert G. & Labelle, Roberta
November 1985
Primary view of Distance learning case studies
Barker, Bruce O.
June 1989
Primary view of Life-sustaining technologies and the elderly: antibiotics and the elderly
Bentley, David W.
Primary view of An analysis of the scope and quality of the current supply of educational software, and of the available sources of information on educational software
Bialo, Ellen R. & Sivin, Jay P.
September 30, 1987
Primary view of Hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, and related therapies for renal dialysis and the elderly/technology
Blagg, Christopher R. & Fenn, Scott
January 1988
Primary view of American Society of Mechanical Engineers Rail Transportation Divsion
Blaine, David G.
May 30, 1986
Primary view of Support for educational technology R & D: the federal role
Blaschke, Charles; Hunter, Beverly & Zucker, Andrew
September 30, 1987
Primary view of New developments in biotechnology: Requirements for deposit of microorganisms, plants, and animals and the role of the independent depository
Bobbie A. Brandon
December 1987
Primary view of Patenting life: Ethical issues related to the patenting of animals
Brody , Baruch A. & White, Becky
June 8, 1988
Primary view of Influences on development and innovation in educational technology
Brown, Dean; Kahn, Ted M. & Zauderer, Marvin M.
December 14, 1987
Primary view of Surrogate decisionmaking for elderly individuals who are incompetent or of questionable competence
Buchanan, Allen; Gilfix, Michael & Brock, Dan W.
November 1985
Primary view of Composting technologies, costs, programs, and markets
CAL Recovery Systems, Inc.
January 1989
Primary view of Developing law on professional standards and peer review in quality assessment activities
Cahill, Nancy E.
December 1987
Primary view of Computers and learning: do they work?: a review of research
Capper, Joanne
January 21, 1988
Primary view of Evaluation of ethical implications of selected alternatives for paying physicians under the Medicare program
Capron, Alexander M.
October 1985
Primary view of Process, Prescience, and Pragmatism: The Office of Technology Assessment
Carson, Nancy
November 2, 1989
Primary view of Report on the treatment of elderly patients by dialysis and transplantation in Europe
Challah, S.
Primary view of An ethical analysis of withdrawal from life-sustaining technologies and assisted death: a report for the Office of Technology Assessment
Childress, James F.
October 4, 1985