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Newsmap. For the Armed Forces. 297th week of the war, 179th week of U.S. participation
Front: Text keyed to map of Asia describes military action in Japan, Okinawa, China, The Philippines, and Borneo. Inset: View of the world from the north pole. Back: Two Down . . . One to go! Illustration of two soldiers in hand-to-hand combat is accompanied by text regarding the war with Japan.
Newsmap : Farm loans
Text describes how the amended GI Bill supports farm loans. Includes 6 photographs.
Newsmap : Wherever you are..
Large globe connected by lines to four smaller globes, a manual and a soldier instruct enlisted men and women on how to enroll in grade school, high school or college level courses through the USAFI.
Newsmap : The Middle East
Maps shows Middle East. "A troop information program map." Relief shown by hachures. Table lists countries, capitals, area in sq. miles, and population. Map key indicates oil fields, oil pipe lines, principal railways, principal roads.
Newsmap. For the Armed Forces. V-E Day + 3 weeks, 180th week of U.S. participation in the war
Front: Text describes fighting on Okinawa. Maps: Okinawa; Nagoya ablaze; [Japan-East China Sea]. Back: Text and 10 photographs show reconnaissance aircraft and activities.
Newsmap. For the Armed Forces. V-E Day + 4 weeks, 181st week of U.S. participation in the war
Front: Text describes action on Okinawa, in Foochow, Tokyo, Mindanao. Maps: Pacific action flares; Okinawa; Foochow; Tokyo; Mindanao. Relief shown by spot heights and hill shading. Back: Paper bullets. Text describes propaganda leaflets as part of psychological warfare. Illustrations and text detail German and Jap Safe-Conduct Surrender Pass instructions.
Newsmap. For the Armed Forces. V-E Day + 5 weeks, 182nd week of U.S. participation in the war
Front: Text describes action in portions of China, Japan, Okinawa and the Philippines. Keyed to map. Map shows Allied and Japanese held areas as of 5 June 1945 in portions of China, French Indo-China, Korea, Thailand, Japan, and the Phillippine Islands. Back: Ribbons representing decorations and awards : wear them correctly! Decorations and awards, and service ribbons are illustrated with detailed instructions and diagrams describing how to wear them correctly.
Newsmap. For the Armed Forces. V-E Day + 6 weeks, 183rd week of U.S. participation in the war
Front: Text describes Pacific action. Map: Pacific action. Inset maps: Yanks push north on Luzon; Allied troops in New Borneo landings; Japs fall back toward Fr. Indo-China border. Back: Save : don't help delay V-Day! Illustration of fist raised in V for Victory sign with text admonishing no waste of materials.
Newsmap : Facing Starvation! : Army food conservation program
6 photographs with text: Here's how you can help; eat less bread; take only what you eat; substitute for scarce foods; use less sugar; plant a garden.
Newsmap : The Mediterranean area : a troop information program map
Large map of the Mediterranean area with insets of South Tyrol, Dodecanese Islands, and Venezia Giulia. "Shaded areas indicate disputed territories." Separate, supplemental memorandum gives correction to the boundary line between Greece and Turkey.
Newsmap : Army Areas
Front: Map shows 6 army areas in the U.S as of 11 June 1946. "A troop information program map: 11 June 1946." Back: Graphic chart of the organization of the war department.
Newsmap : You can stop the--black market : don't buy or sell on it!
Hand with pointing index finger emphasizes the message that "you" are instrumental in controlling the illegal buying and selling of goods.