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Primary view of Additional experiments with flat-top wing- body combinations at high supersonic speeds
Gloria, H. R.; Syvertson, C. A. & Wong, T. J.
February 19, 1957
Primary view of Additional fatigue tests on effects of design details in 355-T6 sand-cast aluminum alloy
Eaton, I D & Youra, John A
March 10, 1954
Primary view of Additional free-flight tests of the rolling effectiveness of several wing-spoiler arrangements at high subsonic, transonic, and supersonic speeds
Strass, H Kurt
November 24, 1948
Primary view of An additional investigation of the high-speed lateral-control characteristics of spoilers
Summers, James
June 1945
Primary view of The additional-mass effect of plates as determined by experiments
Gracey, William
Primary view of Additional measurements of the low-speed static stability of a configuration employing three triangular wing panels and a body of equal length
Delany, Noel K
July 25, 1955
Primary view of Additional power-on wind-tunnel tests of the 1/8-scale model of the Brewster F2A airplane with full-span slotted flaps
Lowry, John G
October 1941
Primary view of Additional results in a free-flight investigation of control effectiveness of full-span, 0.2-chord plain ailerons at high subsonic, transonic, and supersonic speeds to determine some effects of wing sweepback, aspect ratio, taper, and section thickne
Sandahl, Carl A & Strass, H Kurt
April 23, 1948
Primary view of Additional results of an investigation at transonic speeds to determine the effects of a heated propulsive jet on the drag characteristics of a series of related afterbodies
Henry, Beverly Z JR & Cahn, Maurice S
September 24, 1956
Primary view of Additional Results on the Static Longitudinal and Lateral Stability Characteristics of a 0.05-Scale Model of the Convair F2Y-1 Airplane at High Subsonic Speeds
Spreeman, Kenneth P. & Few, Albert G.
August 10, 1954
Primary view of Additional static and fatigue tests of high-strength aluminum-alloy bolted joints
Hartmann, E C; Holt, Marshall & Eaton, I D
July 1954
Primary view of Additional Studies of the Stability and Controllability of an Unswept-Wing Vertically Rising Airplane Model in Hovering Flight Including Studies of Various Tethered Landing Techniques
Bates, William R.; Lovell, Powell M., Jr. & Smith, Charles C., Jr.
November 6, 1951
Primary view of Additional test data on static longitudinal stability
Hubner, Walter
August 1934
Primary view of Adhesion of ice in its relation to the de-icing of airplanes
Rothrick, A M & Selden, R
August 1939
Primary view of The adhesion of molten boron oxide to various materials
Witzke, W R
April 1, 1958
Primary view of Adhesive and protective characteristics of ceramic coating A-417 and its effect on engine life of forged Refractaloy-26 (AMS 5760) and cast stellite 21 (AMS 5385) turbine blades
Garrett, Floyd B & Gyorgak, Charles A
February 12, 1953
Primary view of Adjustment of stick force by a nonlinear aileron-stick linkage
Lowry, John G
November 1942
Primary view of Advantages of oxide films as bases for aluminum pigmented surface coatings for aluminum alloys
Buzzard, R W & Mutchler, W H
November 1931
Primary view of The advantages of uniform fuel distribution for air-cooled engines from considerations of cooling requirements and fuel economy
Nielson, Jack
December 1943
Primary view of Aerial convention of October 13, 1919
May 1922
Primary view of Aerial navigation by dead reckoning
Maffert, Pierre
July 1922
Primary view of Aerial navigation : on the problem of guiding aircraft in a fog or by night when there is no visibility
Loth, William
January 1922
Primary view of Aerial photography : obtaining a true perspective
unknown creator
April 1923
Primary view of Aerial transportation
February 1922