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Primary view of Acoustics of a nonhomogeneous moving medium.
Blokhintsev, D I
February 1956
Primary view of Acoustic radiation from two-dimensional rectangular cutouts in aerodynamic surfaces
Krishnamurty, K
August 1955
Primary view of Activation of hydrocarbons and the octane number
Peschard, Marcel
October 1939
Primary view of Adaptor for measuring principal strains with Tuckerman strain gage
Mcpherson, A E
June 1943
Primary view of The 1934 contest for the Deutsch de la Meurthe trophy
Leglise, Pierre
February 1935
Primary view of The 1933 contest for the Deutsch de la Meurthe trophy
Leglise, Pierre; Hirschauer, L & Saladin, Raymond
October 1933
Primary view of The 1350 F stress-rupture properties of two wrought alloys and three cast alloys
Reynolds, E E; Freeman, J W & White, A E
November 1947
Primary view of The 1926 German seaplane contest
Seewald, F; Blenk, H & Liebers, F
March 1928
Primary view of The 1929 Rhon soaring-flight contest
Lippisch, Alexander
April 1930
Primary view of N.A.C.A. control position recorder
Norton, F. H.
May 1922
Primary view of Wind Tunnel Development of Means to Alleviate Buffeting of the North American XP-82 Airplane at High Speeds
Anderson, Joseph L.
January 9, 1947
Primary view of An Investigation of the Wing and the Wing-Fuselage Combination of a Full-Scale Model of the Republic XP-91 Airplane in the Ames 40-by 80-Foot Wing Tunnel
Hunton, Lynn W. & Dew, Joseph K.
June 10, 1948
Primary view of An investigation of wing-body juncture interference effects at transonic speeds for several swept-wing and body combinations
Mcdevitt, John B & Taylor, Robert A
May 16, 1957
Primary view of Investigation of wing characteristics at a Mach number of 1.53 I : triangular wings of aspect ratio 2
Vincenti, Walter G; Nielsen, Jack N & Matteson, Frederick H
December 19, 1947
Primary view of Investigation of wing characteristics at a Mach number of 1.53 II : swept wings of taper ratio 0.5
Vincenti, Walter G; Van Dyke, Milton D & Matteson, Frederick H
June 28, 1948
Primary view of Investigation of wing characteristics at a Mach number of 1.53 III : unswept wings of differing aspect ratio and taper ratio
Nielsen, Jack N; Matteson, Frederick H & Vincenti, Walter G
June 21, 1948
Primary view of Investigation of Wingless Missile Configurations with Folding Controls and Low-Aspect-Ratio Stabilizing Surfaces
Lazzeroni, Frank A.
September 17, 1958
Primary view of Large-scale wind-tunnel tests of a jet-transport-type model with leading- and trailing-edge high-lift devices
Aoyagi, Kiyoshi & Hickey, David H
September 26, 1958
Primary view of Large-scale wind-tunnel tests of an airplane model with a 45 degree sweptback wing of aspect ratio 2.8 with area suction applied to trailing-edge flaps and with several wing leading-edge modifications
Koenig, David G & Aoyagi, Kiyoshi
November 2, 1956
Primary view of Lateral control characteristics and dihedral effect of a wing-body combination with a variable incidence triangular wing and wing-tip ailerons at a Mach number of 1.52
Scherrer, Richard & DENNIS DAVID H
January 10, 1951
Primary view of Lateral and directional dynamic-response characteristics of a 35 degree swept-wing airplane as determined from flight measurements
Triplett, William C & Brown, Stuart, C
December 12, 1952
Primary view of Lateral-directional aerodynamic characteristics of several coplanar triple-body missile configurations at Mach numbers from 0.6 to 1.4
Treon, Stuart L & Knechtel, Earl D
April 10, 1957
Primary view of The lateral control characteristics of constant-percent-chord trailing-edge elevons on a pointed wing of aspect ratio 2 at Mach numbers up to 0.95
Reed, Verlin D & Smith, Donald W
August 14, 1953
Primary view of Leading-edge contours for thin swept wings : an analysis of low-and high-speed data
Evans, William T
March 29, 1957