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Liore-Olivier airplane : type 12 night-bomber or type 20 commercial
No Description Available.
The Pander light biplane : a school two-seater with 45 HP Anzani engine
No Description Available.
All-metal Junkers airplane, type F 13
No Description Available.
German training airplane, Arado "Ar. S.I."
No Description Available.
The Short S.7 "Mussel" : a training seaplane with 65 HP. "Cirrus" engine
No Description Available.
The Vickers "Vendace", a land or sea training biplane
No Description Available.
The Albatros L 72A : a German newspaper carrier with slotted wings
The Albatros 72A is a normal tractor biplane specifically designed to deliver newspapers by dropping them overboard in bundles for ground transport to pick up. It has a 42 ft. wingspan, and a 220 HP B.M.W. engine.
Two 'Gloster' Airplanes : the 'Grouse II,' - Two-Seat Training Airplane. The 'Grebe II,' Single-Seat Fighter
No Description Available.
Wibault two-seat monoplane 8C2 : an all-metal pursuit and observation airplane
Michel Wibault's two seat monoplane 8C2, is similar to the Parasol pursuit monoplane which preceded it. It has no perishable parts in its structure and needs no special storage or coverings. The sample aeroplane uses a 500 HP Hispano-Suiza engine but can accept a 400-600HP engine from a variety of manufacturers with little difficulty. It uses a two blade tractor propeller.
The Blackburn "Sprat": A Training Airplane Convertible into Landplane or Seaplane
The Sprat is similar the Blackburn Swift and Dart models but is designed as a trainer. It is powered with a smaller 275 HP Rolls-Royce Falcon engine. It is a 2 seat biplane with equal sized upper and lower wings. It can quickly convert from a land to a seaplane.
The new De Havilland commercial airplane : the D.H. 66 with three Bristol "Jupiter" engines
The D.H. 66, constructed at Stag Lane Works of the De Haviland Aircraft Company built for Imperial Airways, Ltd. The fuselage has an all steel construction while the wings are made with box spars of wood and spruce ribs. It has a biplane tail and encloses the stabilizer trimming gear in a casing which serves to streamline the rear portion of the fuselage, but which is not part of the main structure. It weighs 9060 lbs. empty and 2500 lbs. after fueling with a total loaded weight of 14,700 lbs.
The Armstrong-Whitworth "Argosy" : the latest three-engined commercial airplane
Describes the utility of multi-engine aircraft with special regard to the Argosy, which will seat up to 20 passengers and who's engines turn out nearly 1200 HP. The Argosy had a top speed of 110 MPH, and a range of 400 miles.
Farman Monoplane F.170 : Commercial Airplane with One 500 HP. Farman Engine
The F.170's engine has won world endurance tests in 1924 and in 1925. It has a semi-thick wing, rigidly braced by oblique struts. This wing is embedded in the top of the fuselage and measures 16.1 by 3.6 meters. The F.170 has a passenger compartment seating eight.
Heinkel airplane H.D. 39 for carrying newspapers
No Description Available.
Albatros commercial Airplane L 73
The Albatros was a two engine commercial biplane carrying 2 pilots, eight passengers, and 160 KG of baggage. The framework is metal, the wings having plywood and fabric over the steel tubing. The L 73 was the first 2 engine biplane to be made in Germany.
The Farman Commercial Airplane "Jabiru."
No Description Available.
The Avro "Avian" Airplane : 65 HP. Armstrong-Siddeley "Genet" engine
The Avro Avian, designed by Mr. Chadwick of A.V. Roe & Co., Ltd. has a very low structural weight (estimated at 750 lbs. empty) but with sufficient structural integrity to be eligible of an "Aerobatics" certificate from the British Air Ministry. It can be configured as a monoplane, or a biplane with seaplane floats. It is designed for economical production.
The Bristol "Badminton" Airplane
The Bristol Badminton, Type 99 airplane has a radial aircooled engine (a Bristol Jupiter 9 cylinder 450 HP.) and three fuel tanks. It is a single seat biplane weighing 1,840 lbs. empty and 2,460 lbs. loaded.
The De Havilland "Moth"
Officially designated D.H. 60, De Havilland's Moth is a small, simply made, 770 lb. aircraft. It has had it's fittings reduced in number to assist in this, seats 2 (including pilot) and uses a Cirrus 60 HP. engine.
The A.N.E.C. IV "Missel Thrush" light airplane
A product of the Air Navigation Engineering Co., the Missel Thrush is a light airplane suitable for private ownership. It is a two seat tractor fuselage biplane with single I interplane struts designed by J. Bewsher.
Avia pursuit airplane B.H. 21
Built by the 'Czecho-Slovakian' aircraft factory, AVIA, the B.H. 21, has a top speed of 250 MPH, and carries 120 kg of gasoline and 20 kg of oil, giving it a radius of action of 600-650 km. It is equipped with a Hispano-Suiza engine capable of 300 HP.
The Handley Page "Hamlet"
The Hamlet is a three engine high wing monoplane of comparatively small size, fitted with three Bristol Lucifer series IV, engines of 130 HP. each, designed to carry a pilot and four passengers.
Albert TE-1 training airplane
The TE-1 is designed for the economical training of pilots and is a single seat parasol cantilever monoplane. It is nearly entirely made of wood, using a 40 HP. air-cooled Salmson A.D. 9 engine, and weighs 255 kg empty.
The Boulton and Paul "Bugle" airplane : day bomber
The Bugle is a twin engine tractor biplane. It features two Jupiter engines and oleo-pneumatic landing gear. Its maximum speed is 120 MPH.
Rohrbach all metal commercial airplane RO VIII "Roland"
With three 230 HP. engines and all metal construction, the Roland, Rohrbach VIII is a passenger aircraft with seating for two pilots and 10 passengers.
The Supermarine "Southampton" seaplane : observation or bomber
Purchased for the British Air Ministry, the Southampton seaplane uses 2 Napier Lion engines and has a boat hull with outriggers mounted on the wings. It was designed as a military aircraft and can be easily converted to a bomber.
Combat and bombing airplane, Amiot 120 B 3
The Amiot 120 B 3 is designed as a French combat aircraft. It can accept a variety of engines, and is equipped with 2 machine guns as well as specialized bomb sights and other combat equipment.
Dyle and Bacalan metal monoplane, D.B. 10 : night bomber - equipped with two 420 HP. Jupiter engines
The D.B. 10 is manufactured of duraluminum and special high resistance steel. It can be used as a passenger aircraft or as a bomber.
Nieuport-Delage Pursuit Airplane 48 C. 1. : "jockey" type
This is a light single-seat pursuit airplane with a tractor propeller actuated by a 12 cylinder V-type Hispano-Suiza engine giving 400 HP at 2000 R.P.M. This is a single winged aircraft capable of 273 km/h.
The "Dornier Mercury" commercial airplane with B.M.W. VI 600 HP. engine
The Dornier Mercury (Merkur) is an outgrowth of the Dornier Komet. It is designed as a passenger aircraft with the Alpine routes in mind. Its fuselage is made of steel for high stressed parts and duraluminum for all others. It can also be outfitted as a seaplane.
Dornier "Superwal" commercial seaplane with : two Rolls-Royce "Condor" 600 HP. engines
In November 1926, an exhibition flight of the Dornier giant flying boat was made for 3/4 of an hour. It was a larger version of the Dornier Wal, with a stepped hull, and wing stubs for lateral stability. It has a range of 1200 miles and is outfitted for baggage and 8 passengers.
Macchi M. 39 Seaplane: Single-Seat Racer with an 800 HP. Fiat "A-S2" Engine
The M. 39 was designed by Castoldi to compete in the Schneider Cup Race of 1926 (Norfolk, VA). It is a monoplane with engine mounted in the fuselage, resting on two wing and hull mounted floats.
Richard-Penhoet commercial seaplane
This is a multi-engine monoplane with a central hull and without external bracing. The trim of the seaplane on the water is assured by two wing floats, one on each side of the hull 9 m. from its axis. It has a total power of 2100 HP. from 5 air cooled Jupiter radial engines.
Savoia seaplane S.55 : military or commercial
The S.55 is a two engine twin hull seaplane built by Societa Idrovolanti Alta Italia (Seaplane Company of Upper Italy). The S.55 (Santa Maria) is to be used for an around the world flight In 1927. It will have a useful load of 7,500 lbs. and a cruising speed of 100 MPH.
Vojenska-Smolik S.16 airplane : all-metal long-distance observation bi-plane
No Description Available.
The Francois Villiers marine pursuit airplane
A traditional biplane design allows this craft to function with the speed and maneuverability necessary to perform as a pursuit aircraft while also being able to land on water. It featured retractable landing gear for water landings. It was powered with a 450 HP. Lorraine-Dietrich engine.
Heinkel H.E. 50 commercial seaplane : winner of the 1926 German Seaplane Contest at Warnemunde
No Description Available.
Liore-Olivier LeO 194 seaplane
It's fuselage is made entirely of wood. It has 6 gasoline tanks each with a capacity of 255 liters. It is a single engine biplane with wings mounted above the body of the seaplane.
The Rohrbach "ROBBE" RO VII seaplane : military or commercial
The RO VII is a monoplane with two 230 BMW engines mounted on top of the wing. It seats 4 passengers with room for a pilot and a mechanic in the cockpit.
Fiat C.R. 20 pursuit airplane
The Fiat C.R. 20 has an all metal frame covered with fireproof fabric, except for the area near the engines, which is covered in duraluminum. It is armed with 4 machine guns and is capable of 280 KPH.
Meteore 63 commercial seaplane
Societe Provencale de Constructions Aeronautiques, builder of the "Meteore 63" has constructed a three engine (biplane) seaplane which has met conditions for a seaworthy certificate of the first class.
The Mureaux "Brunet 3C2" pursuit airplane
Designed by Engineer Brunet, the 3C2 is an all metal monoplane with two engines and provision for six machine guns and 12 10 Kg. bombs.
Training airplane "Avia B.H. 11."
No Description Available.
The Blackburn "Bluebird" "two-seat training and sport airplane
The Bluebird is a two seat, side by side biplane, designed primarily for training and pleasure flying.
The Focke-Wulf "G.L. 18" : twin-engine 150 HP. commercial airplane
A small commercial airplane, the Focke-Wulf G.L. 18 has two engines (75 HP. Junker). It is a monoplane and the engines are wing mounted.
Junkers Airplane "G 24" : All-metal Commercial Airplane
The G 24 is a commercial airplane with three engines and a monoplane wing. It is known for it's all metal construction and stabilizers.
The Rohrbach "ROCCO:" seaplane : new German commercial seaplane with two Rolls-Royce "Condor" engines
The Rocco is a has a monoplane wing surmounted by two engines. It's flat sided narrow beam hull is steadied when on the water by 2 outboard wing floats.
The Avro "Gosport," 504 R : a new training airplane
No Description Available.
The Gloster "Gambet" airplane : a deck-landing ship's fighter fitted with a 420 HP. Bristol Jupiter VI engine
No Description Available.
The Boeing mail airplane
The Boeing Mail Airplane is a biplane with cloth covered wings of wood and wire construction, a top speed of 130 MPH, and a fuel capacity of 100 gallons in two tanks.