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Primary view of Some Recent Contributions to the Study of Transition and Turbulent Boundary Layers
Dryden, Hugh L.
April 1947
Primary view of Considerations of the Total Drag of Supersonic Airfoil Sections
Ivey, H. Reese & Klunker, E. Bernard
July 1947
Primary view of Tables and Charts of Flow Parameters Across Oblique Shocks
Neice, Mary M.
August 1948
Primary view of Two-Dimensional Irrotational Transonic Flows of a Compressible Fluid
Kuo, Yung-Huai
June 1948
Primary view of Charts for the Computation of Equilibrium Composition of Chemical Reactions in the Carbon-Hydrogen-Nitrogen System at Temperatures from 2000 to 5000 Degrees K
Huff, Vearl N. & Calvert, Clyde S.
July 1948
Primary view of Emergency measures for increasing the range of fighter airplanes
Wetmore, Joseph W
May 1, 1943
Primary view of Fuel-evaporation loss as determined by the change in the specific gravity of the fuel in an aircraft fuel tank
Kramer, Walter E
May 1, 1945
Primary view of Thermodynamic design of double-panel, air-heated windshields for ice prevention
Kushnick, Jerome L
June 1, 1943
Primary view of The use of geared spring tabs for elevator control
Phillips, William H
February 1, 1945
Primary view of The knock-limited performance of S reference fuel plus 2 milliliters of triethylthallium per gallon
Meyer, Carl L
November 1, 1945
Primary view of Effect of the performance of a turbosupercharged engine of an exhaust-gas-to-air heat exchanger for thermal ice prevention
Look, Bonne C
August 1, 1945
Primary view of The calculation of span LCAD distributions of swept-back wings
Mutterperl, William
December 1, 1941
Primary view of Comparison of Vee-Type and Conventional Tail Surfaces in Combination with Fuselage and Wing in the Variable-Density Tunnel
Greenberg, Harry
July 1, 1941
Primary view of Methods of analyzing wind-tunnel data for dynamic flight conditions
Donlan, C J & Recant, I G
October 1, 1941
Primary view of Analysis of circular shell-supported frames
Combs, Henry; Mignot, J E & Ensrud, A F
May 1944
Primary view of Effects of some present-day airplane design trends on requirements for lateral stability
Bamber, Millard J
June 1, 1941
Primary view of The Lagrangian Multiplier Method of Finding Upper and Lower Limits to Critical Stresses of Clamped Plates
Hu, Pai C. & Budiansky, Bernard
January 1, 1946
Primary view of A Theoretical Investigation of Longitudinal Stability of Airplanes with Free Controls Including Effect of Friction in Control System
Greenberg, Harry & Sternfield, Leonard
January 1, 1944
Primary view of Intercooler cooling-air weight flow and pressure drop for minimum drag loss
Valerino, Michael F
April 1, 1944
Primary view of NACA Mach number indicator for use in high-speed tunnels
Smith, Norman F.
July 1, 1943
Primary view of On the flow of a compressible fluid by the hodography method I : unification and extension of present-day results
Kaplan, Carl
March 1, 1944
Primary view of On the flow of a compressible fluid by the hodography method II : fundamental set of particular flow solutions of the Chaplygin differential equation
Kaplan, Carl
November 1, 1944
Primary view of Performance of an exhaust-gas "blowdown" turbine on a nine-cylinder radial engine
Desmon, Leland G
December 1, 1944
Primary view of Experiments on drag of revolving disks, cylinders and streamline rods at high speeds
Regier, Arthur
June 1, 1944