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Primary view of Analysis of Limitations Imposed on One-Spool Turbojet-Engine Designs by Turbines Having Downstream Stators at 0, 2.0, and 2.8 Flight Mach Numbers
Cavicchi, R. H. & Constantine, A. B.
January 19, 1955
Primary view of Effect of Combustion Gas Properties on Turbojet-engine Performance With Hydrogen as Fuel
English, R. E.
April 10, 1956
Primary view of Full-scale Evaluation of Some Flameholder Design Concepts for High-inlet-velocity Afterburners
Braithwaite, W. M.; Prince, W. R. & Velie, W. W.
June 28, 1956
Primary view of A Study of Injection Processes for 15-percent Fluorine-85- Percent Oxygen and Heptane in a 200-pound-thrust Rocket Engine
Heidmann, M. F.
January 15, 1957
Primary view of Analytical Investigation of Fuel-cooled Turbine Blades With Return-flow Type of Finned Coolant Passages
Nachtigall, A. J. & Slone, H. O.
June 26, 1957
Primary view of Performance of variable two-dimensional inlet designed for engine-inlet matching I - Performance at Design Mach Number of 3.07
Beheim, M. A. & Gertsma, L. W.
November 20, 1956
Primary view of Effects of Secondary-air Flow on Annular Base Force of a Supersonic Airplane
Vargo, D. J.
October 11, 1954
Primary view of Pumping Characteristics for Several Simulated Variablegeometry Ejectors With Hot and Cold Primary Flow
Allen, J. L.
September 8, 1954
Primary view of Simplified Theory for Dynamic Relation of Ramjet Pressures and Fuel Flow
Hurrell, H. G.
October 21, 1957
Primary view of Performance of a Short Turbojet Combustor With Hydrogen Fuel in a Quarter-annulus Duct and Comparison With Performance in a Full-scale Engine
Friedman, R.; Jones, R. E. & Norgren, C. T.
July 2, 1956
Primary view of Altitude Investigation of Can-type Flame Holder in 20-inchdiameter Ram-jet Combustor
Smolak, G. R. & Wentworth, C. B.
June 3, 1954
Primary view of Cascade Investigation of Cooling Characteristics of a Castfinned Air-cooled Turbine Blade for Use in a Turboprop Engine
Hickel, R. O.; Richards, H. T. & Stepka, F. S.
June 12, 1957
Primary view of Investigation of Rotating-Stall Limits in a Supersonic Turbofan Engine
Dugan, J. F.
October 3, 1957
Primary view of Effect of Pressure Level on Afterburner-wall Temperatures
Shillito, T. B. & Smolak, G. R.
June 11, 1958
Primary view of Off-design performance of divergent ejectors
Beheim, Milton A.
September 30, 1958
Primary view of In-flight Gains Realized by Modifying a Twin Side-inlet Induction System
Saltzman, E. J.
December 12, 1957
Primary view of Force and Pressure Measurements on Several Canopy-fuselage Configurations at Mach Numbers 1.41 and 2.01
Robins, A. W.
December 15, 1955
Primary view of Simulated Flight Investigation of Scaled-speed Elastic Sweptwing Bomber and Fighter Models Coupled Wing Tip to Wing Tip
Thompson, R. F.
February 14, 1956
Primary view of The Design and Cascade Tests of Free-streamline and Full-contour 160 Deg Turning Supersonic-turbine-blade Sections
Westphal, W. R.
August 16, 1957
Primary view of Experimental Investigation of a High Subsonic Mach Number Turbine Having High Rotor Blade Suction-surface Diffusion
Hauser, C. H. & Nusbaum, W. J.
November 20, 1956
Primary view of Investigation of Static Pressures and Boundary-layer Characteristics on the Forward Parts of Nine Fuselages of Various Cross-sectional Shapes at M Infinity Equal 2.01
Hasel, L. E. & Kouyoumjian, W. L.
January 21, 1957
Primary view of Buffet Tests of an Attack-airplane Model With Emphasis on Analysis of Data From Wind-tunnel Tests
Davis, D. D., Jr. & Wornom, D. E.
February 21, 1958
Primary view of Tracking Performance of a Swept-wing Fighter With a Directortype Radar Fire-control System and Scope Presentation
Heinle, D. R.; Rathert, G. A. & Turner, H. L.
January 20, 1958
Primary view of A Flight Study of the Effects of Noise Filtering in the Attack Display on the Pilot's Tracking Performance
Heinle, D. R. & Turner, H. L.
September 20, 1958