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AVA monographs. B: Boundary layer

Description: Report discusses several experiments regarding boundary layers and their influence on aircraft. The first experiment investigates how to best design airfoils. The second involves using suction to remove the boundary layer. The third involves surface disturbances and how they may affect the boundary layer.
Date: April 1, 1948
Creator: Holstein, H.; Bete, A. & Tollmein, W.
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Flight tests of the high-speed performance of a P-51B airplane (AAF no. 43-12105)

Description: Report discussing testing to check the improvement of 3 or 4 miles per hour in the maximum speed of the P-51B airplane as a result of sealing the wing-gun access doors and flap-spar lightening holes. Large variations in speed were observed during testing, so additional testing and analysis was carried out to determine the effects of various factors that were suspected of contributing to the inconsistency of the plane's performance.
Date: December 18, 1944
Creator: Voglewede, T. J. & Danforth, E. C. B.
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Investigation of the Kingfisher XAUM-2 Flying Torpedo in the Langley Full Scale Tunnel, TED No. NACA DE 327

Description: Report presenting an investigation of a model of the Kingfisher XAUM-2 flying torpedo to determine the pressure recoveries within the jet engine nacelle and to determine the effects of several changes in model configuration on the aerodynamic characteristics of the model. The effectiveness of elevons and tabs as control devices was also investigated.
Date: October 6, 1949
Creator: Cocke, Bennie W. & Barnett, U. Reed
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Determination of rate, area, and distribution of impingement of waterdrops on various airfoils from trajectories obtained on the differential analyzer

Description: From Summary: "The trajectories of waterdrops in air flowing over airfoils are determined for three airfoil - angle-of-attack combinations using the differential analyzer to solve the differential equations of motion of the waterdrops. From these trajectories the rate of water impingement, the area of impingement, and the distribution of impingement are determined as functions of two dimensionless moduli. Comparisons are made of the rate of water impingement on these airfoils and the rate of water impingement on cylinders."
Date: February 16, 1949
Creator: Guibert, A. G.; Janssen, E. & Robbins, W. M.
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Model tests of a wing-duct system for auxiliary air supply

Description: Report discusses the design of a cooling system developed for a Pratt & Whitney H-2800 engine equipped with a two-stage supercharger. The wing-duct system was newly developed and was determined to be a valuable method for cooling engine auxiliaries by combining simplicity with low drag and excellent cooling capabilities.
Date: January 1941
Creator: Bierman, David & Corson, Blake W., Jr.
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Wind-tunnel investigation of several factors affecting the performance of a high-speed pursuit airplane with air-cooled radial engine

Description: Report details an investigation into various potential improvements and modifications to pursuit airplanes. NACA low-drag airfoil sections and their use for reducing drag and increasing compressibility speeds were examined. Other items covered include the propeller slipstream, high-speed cowling arrangement, and placement of wing guns.
Date: November 1941
Creator: Wenzinger, Carl J.
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