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An analysis of the airspeeds and normal accelerations of Douglas DC-3 airplanes in commercial transport operation

Description: From Introduction: "The present report is the second prepared to give the results of an analysis of V-G data from commercial transport airplanes. The present report is concerned with an analysis of data obtained with Douglas DC-3 airplanes flying over three transcontinental routes in the United States."
Date: September 1946
Creator: Peiser, A. M.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Analysis of cooling limitations and effect of engine-cooling improvements on level-flight cruising performance of four-engine heavy bomber

Description: From Introduction: "The difficulties experienced in cooling the exhaust-valve seats of the rear-row cylinders have been overcome to a considerable extent by improving the mixture distribution through application of the injection impeller (reference 1) and by augmenting the flow of cooling air to the critical baffles (reference 2). Flight tests of this airplane (reference 3) indicated that the temperatures of exhaust-valve seats on rear-row cylinders were markedly lowered by these modifications and that airplane range, altitude, and gross weight previously limited by these temperatures could be greatly increased."
Date: March 14, 1946
Creator: Marble, Frank E.; Miller, Marlon A. & Bell, E. Barton
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Altitude-wind-tunnel tests of power-plant installation in jet-propelled fighter

Description: From Introduction: "The research program included clean-up tests (unpublished data) and stability and control tests (reference 1) made in the NACA Langley full-scale tunnel. An investigation of the aerodynamic characteristics of the power-plant installation in the Cleveland altitude wind tunnel is discussed in this report."
Date: February 1946
Creator: Preston, G. Merritt; Black, Fred O., Jr. & Jagger, James M.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

An analysis of the indications of the University of Chicago airborne turbulence indicator in gusty air

Description: From Introduction: "The present report has been prepared to discuss the indications obtained from the University of Chicago turbulence indicator in relation to simultaneous measurement of atmospheric gustiness made by the NACA, which are summarized herein."
Date: August 1946
Creator: Pratt, K G
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department