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Primary view of The 5- by 7-meter wind tunnel of the DVL
Kramer, M.
March 1936
Primary view of The 1000 HP traffic airplane of the Zeppelin Works in Staaken
Rohrbach, A. K.
September 1921
Primary view of The 1926 German seaplane contest
Seewald, F; Blenk, H & Liebers, F
March 1928
Primary view of The 1929 Rhon soaring-flight contest
Lippisch, Alexander
April 1930
Primary view of The 1933 contest for the Deutsch de la Meurthe trophy
Leglise, Pierre; Hirschauer, L & Saladin, Raymond
October 1933
Primary view of The 1934 contest for the Deutsch de la Meurthe trophy
Leglise, Pierre
February 1935
Primary view of The Aachen wind-tunnel balance
Wieselsberger, C
November 1934
Primary view of Abacus for the reduction of English measures to the metric system and vice versa
Tenani, Mario
July 1921
Primary view of Abacus giving the variation of the mean pressure of an aviation engine as a function of its speed of rotation
Margoulis, W
March 1921
Primary view of Absorbing landing shocks
Warner, Edward P.
August 1923
Primary view of Accurate calculation of multispar cantilever and semicantilever wings with parallel webs under direct and indirect loading
Sanger, Eugen
March 1932
Primary view of Acoustics of a nonhomogeneous moving medium.
Blokhintsev, D I
February 1956
Primary view of Activation of hydrocarbons and the octane number
Peschard, Marcel
October 1939
Primary view of Additional test data on static longitudinal stability
Hubner, Walter
August 1934
Primary view of Aerial convention of October 13, 1919
May 1922
Primary view of Aerial navigation by dead reckoning
Maffert, Pierre
July 1922
Primary view of Aerial navigation : on the problem of guiding aircraft in a fog or by night when there is no visibility
Loth, William
January 1922
Primary view of Aerial photography : obtaining a true perspective
unknown creator
April 1923
Primary view of Aerial transportation
February 1922
Primary view of Aero dopes and varnishes
Britton, H T S
July 1927
Primary view of The aerodynamic aspect of wing-fuselage fillets
Muttray, H
February 1935
Primary view of Aerodynamic characteristics of aircraft with reference to their use
Panetti, M
Primary view of Aerodynamic characteristics of thin empirical profiles and their application to the tail surfaces and ailerons of airplanes
Toussaint, A & Carafoli, E
December 1928
Primary view of Aerodynamic computation of gliders
Schrenk, M
September 1922