Miniature books are defined as those books under 4" (3" in some places) in height. Books in small sizes have been produced since antiquity, and continue to be produced to this day. They are all "real" books, with pages, printing, illustrations, etc.--just very small.

The Digital Collection

The UNT Digital Library presents a selection of contemporary and historical miniature books selected from the larger collection of the UNT Libraries Rare Book Room. In some cases, only the covers have been digitized. The collection also contains issues of the Miniature Book News and the Miniature Book Society Newsletter.

The Physical Collection

The physical Miniature Book Collection at the UNT Libraries began with a group of miniature children's books donated in the 1930's by Mrs. Gustine Courson Weaver as part of her children's book collection. When the Rare Book Room opened in 1981, these tiny tomes from Mrs. Weaver's collection were displayed with other miniatures that had been acquired over the years. By 2001, the Miniature Book Collection had grown to include over 600 volumes. As more and more attention was focused on the collection, more books were donated and select purchases helped to fill gaps in the collection. In July 2004, the 1,000th miniature was acquired. The collection now includes almost 3,000 items, and is one of the most popular collections with visitors.

The collection features antique, fine press, mass-market, religious, propaganda, and Texana miniatures, along with artist's books and several items that were once designated "The Smallest Book in the World." Supporting the Miniature Book Collection are holdings of bibliographies, periodicals, catalogs, prospectuses, correspondence files, clippings and other materials to aid researchers. The UNT Libraries Rare Book and Texana Collections are active in the Miniature Book Society (MBS) and include many MBS catalogs, newsletters, and keepsakes in the collection. To learn more, please see the Rare Book and Texana Collection's Miniature Book Collection web page.

The Miniature Book Collection at UNT has always relied on the generosity of donors to continue to grow and expand. From the very first volumes donated in the 1930's, to recent purchases made with donated funds, this collection is the creation of a wide group of people who have been generous enough to help support it. We actively seek donations of miniature books, as well as ephemera and research materials related to miniature books. Additionally, we gratefully accept gifts of funds to help support acquisitions of miniature books. From single items to large collections, we are always interested. For more information, or to discuss donating, please contact the staff of the Rare Book Room, UNT Libraries.

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