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The Jalakeli Project: Thoidingjam Lakshmipriya Devi Interview on Jalakeli and Organization

Description: Thoidingjam Lakshmipriya Devi talks about the Jalakeli. She is the President of the Shree Shree Govinda Jiu Jalakeli Pala. The interview is in Manipuri and in 8 parts: 1) How I came to the Jalakeli 2) My mother Maharaj Kumari Angousana Devi 3) My grandmother Maharani Dhanamanjuri Devi: How she started the Choir of the Daughters-in-Law 4) The Songs of the Choir of the Daughters: The Patronage of the Maharajas 5) How I organize the Jalakeli 6) My aunt Maharaj Kumari Binodini Devi: Why she never joined the Jalakeli 7) Where and When the Jalakeli is Offered 8) Remembering their Names: The Invisibility of Women in Manipur's Recorded History The Jalakeli is a HIndu Vaishnav women's performance ritual offered by the two choirs of the Shree Shree Govinda Jiu Jalakeli Pala. The main summer ritual is held every year on Buddha Purnima, the full moon of Kalen (9 May 2017) at the Shree Shree Govindajee Temple of the Royal Palace of Manipur. It is a cycle of songs sung in classical Manipuri sankirtana style by the royal women descendants of Maharaja Narasingh of Manipur (1792-1850). The songs praise Lord Krishna and Lady Radha as they come out to play with water at a fountain. This video is a part of THE JALAKELI PROJECT, Imasi Foundation's web-based, digital, Manipuri women's oral history initiative framed by this traditional women's sankirtana performance ritual of Manipur.
Date: June 25, 2017
Creator: Devi, Thoidingjam Lakshmipriya
Partner: UNT College of Information