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This collection of digital resources comes from Imasi: The Maharaj Kumari Binodini Devi Foundation in Imphal, Manipur (India). The foundation works in the conservation of the cultural heritage of Manipur in North Eastern India, a Tibeto-Burman kingdom that is now a state of India on its Burmese border.

Subjects covered are literature, language, performing arts, history, religion, women, and environment—areas in which writer MK Binodini Devi left her legacy. The collection will contain digital documents of literary and cultural texts; data, oral and textual history; Manipuri language and Tibeto-Burman linguistics; and video and photographic documentation.

Component initiatives include:

Manipuri Learning Module: A group of interlinked language, linguistics, literature and AV components based on the play by MK Binodini Devi. It is designed to be a learning tool for English-speaking, non-Manipuri scholars and students to learn Manipuri, while gaining insight into Manipuri culture and society with a classic of modern Manipuri literature.

The Jalakeli Project is a web-based conservation initiative of Manipuri women's oral histories based on a musical performance offering that dates to the mid-19th century ritual of the royal court of Manipur. The project includes a digital women's genealogy, video interviews, audio recordings, text and translation.

The MK Binodini Memorial Lectures: On international, Indian and Manipuri culture, with reference to the work and legacy of MK Binodini Devi.The lecture is presented annually on February 6, the birth anniversary of Manipuri writer MK Binodini Devi.

The Imasi Documents: Texts on Manipuri art, culture and history through the lens of the work and legacy of Manipuri writer MK Binodini Devi.

Resources will be in English and Manipuri.

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