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[21.06 Bar Flyer]

Description: Flyer from the Dallas Gay Alliance announcing a two-for-one special at a bar in celebration of the 1982 court ruling of the 21.06 law as unconstitutional.
Date: 1982
Creator: Dallas Gay Alliance
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[21.06 Trial]

Description: Photograph of Jim Barber (left), Don Baker (middle) and Bill Nelson (right) seated behind a table during the 21.06 trial in 1982. Unidentified persons are visible from the back, in the foreground.
Date: 1982
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[AIDS Memorial Quilt button for Inaugural Parade]

Description: Photograph of a button commemorating the Inaugural Parade for the NAMES Project quilt displayed in Washington, D.C. It has a purple capitol building design with a quilt display leading towards it. Beneath the images are the words "Hope Renewed, The NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt Inaugural Parade, January 20, 1993".
Date: July 19, 2017
Creator: Merrill, Jeffrey
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[AIDS Resource Center PSA]

Description: Flyer for the AIDS Resource Center advertising services that the organization provides as part of its community outreach and educational programming.
Date: [1983..1988]
Creator: AIDS Resource Center
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[AIDS Update Float at Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade]

Description: Photograph of the AIDS Update float in the 1988 Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade. The AIDS Resource Center banner can be seen in the back right of the photo. Riders in the car include Dave Lewis (right), editor, Rodd Gray (as Patti le Plae Safe), columnist, and Dave's partner, whose name is unknown.
Date: September 1988
Location Info:
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AIDS Update, Volume 3, Number 3, March 1988

Description: Newsletter of the AIDS Resource Center containing news updates, articles, opinion pieces, and advertisements related to the work of the organization. Cover: photo of a memorial event for Terry Tebedo, sponsored by the Dallas Gay Alliance; his loss in 1988 raised the number of AIDS deaths in Dallas County to 641.
Date: March 1988
Creator: AIDS Resource Center
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[Ann Brown and Man]

Description: Photograph of Ann Brown posing with an unidentified man inside a building. They are visible from the chest up and the man has his right arm around her shoulders and is holding two bottles.
Date: [1980..1982]
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[Banner for Nelson - Tebedo AIDS Research Clinic]

Description: Photograph of a banner for the Bill Nelson and Terry Tebedo Clinic for AIDS Research, located in Dallas, Texas. The banner has a blue background with letters cut out of T-shirts or other materials; there is a row of icons and symbols across the bottom of the banner. The banner includes Bill Nelson’s jacket from his time as a high school coach, campaign materials from when he ran for office in Dallas, and other items honoring the work and lives of Nelson and Tebedo.
Date: [1980..]
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The Battlecry, Volume 1, Number 5, October 5, 1979

Description: Special Issue of The Battlecry discussing the activities of The North Texas Committee for the March on Washington including plans for a Texas-style barbeque, information about staying in Washington, the White House delegation, Gay Constituency Day, and other events related to the March. Members of the “White House Delegation” include Ray Hill, a noted gay rights activist living in Houston, Texas.
Date: October 5, 1979
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[Bill Hunt, 1986]

Description: A photograph of Bill Hunt eating a piece of bread at the DGA Board Retreat in 1986. Handwritten on the back of this photograph are the words, "Bill Hunt. DGA Board Retreat - 1986."
Date: 1986
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[Bill Nelson and Crowd]

Description: Photograph of Bill Nelson speaking to a crowd at the memorial for Terry Tebedo”. People are visible on the right side of the image including a man near the center holding a cutout of a person, painted solid black. Behind Nelson, there is a striped rainbow flag and multiple flower arrangements. William Waybourn (far right) is pictured among the crowd.
Date: 1988
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