This research trajectory brings the fields of language archives and user-centered design (UCD) into dialogue, with the goal of improving users' experiences with language archives and making them more accessible and useful to diverse user groups. More than half of the world's 7,000 or so languages are at risk of no longer being spoken by the end of this century. By providing access to linguistic materials and secure storage, language archives can be resources for communities that seek to revitalize their language and for linguists engaging in research. The challenge is to design language archives that accommodate the needs of all user groups. As a first step in this research trajectory, a workshop was convened in February 2016. It documented the perspectives of the key stakeholder groups and generated initial conceptual frameworks to guide further research.

For a list of videos, audio files, and transcript summaries of the workshop, and their relationships to each other, please view the document Table of Contents: Transcripts and Recordings.

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