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Primary view of Understanding ecosystems
British Antactic Survey
Primary view of The Surface Ocean - Lower Atmosphere Study: Science Plan and Implementation Strategy
Broadgate, Wendy & Young, Bill
Primary view of Policy Statements on Data Management for Global Change Research
Bromley, Allan
July 2, 1991
Primary view of Providing for Backyard Wildlife: A Do-It-Yourself Guide for Feeders, Houses and Plants
Brown, Walter
May 2010
Primary view of Circumpolar Arctic Vegetation [Map]
Primary view of Investment and Growth from Climate Action A Briefing by CDP to Support the EU 2030 Climate and Energy Package
CDP - Driving sustainable economies
October 15, 2014
Primary view of AB 32 Fact Sheet - California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006
California Air Resources Board
October 2006
Primary view of California Legislature, 2001-2002 Session, Senate Bill No. 527
California. Legislature. Senate.
September 2001
Primary view of Illinois Commodity/Waste Generation and Characterization Study
Camp, Dresser & McKee
May 22, 2009
Primary view of What Can Be Learned From Champions of Ozone Layer Protection for Urban and Regional Carbon Management in Japan?
Canan, Penelope & Crawford, Shaney
April 1, 2006
Primary view of The Economic Effects of EU-Wide Industry-Level Emission Trading to Reduce Greenhouse Gases: Results from PRIMES Energy Systems Model
Capros, P. & Manzos, L.
May 2000
Primary view of Using Executive Authority to Achieve Greener Buildings: A Guide for Policymakers to Enhance Sustainability and Efficiency in Multifamily Housing and Commercial Buildings
Carbonell, Tomas; Fidler, Shelley & Smith, Douglas
unknown creation date
Primary view of The Bali Action Plan: Key Issues in The Climate Negotiations: Summary for Policy Makers
Carpenter, Chad
September 2008
Primary view of Energy's Water Demand: Trends, Vulnerabilities, and Management
Carter, Nicole T.
November 24, 2010
Primary view of Army Corps of Engineers Water Resource Projects: Authorization and Appropriations
Carter, Nicole T. & Stern, Charles V.
September 29, 2010
Primary view of Climate Change in Indonesia Implications for Humans and Nature
Case, Michael
November 2004
Primary view of Final Vermont Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Reference Case Projections, 1990-2030
Center for Climate Strategies
October 2007
Primary view of Impacts of Comprehensive Climate and Energy Policy Options on the U.S. Economy
Center for Climate Strategies
July 2010
Primary view of Assessment and Review of the Climate Change Policy Programme, Interim Report
Central Environment Council, Ministry of the Environment of Japan
August 2004
Primary view of Mitigation Technology Challenges: Considerations for National Policy Makers to Address Climate Change
Chidiak, Martina & Tirpak, Dennis
August 2008
Primary view of Marine Pollution Control Act
China (Republic : 1949- )
November 1, 2000
Primary view of Organic Act of the Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan
China (Republic : 1949- )
May 30, 2002
Primary view of Organic Act of the Environmental Protection Personnel Training Institute, Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan
China (Republic : 1949- )
January 18, 1995
Primary view of Organic Act of the National Institute of Environmental Analysis, Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan
China (Republic : 1949- )
January 13, 1995