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Primary view of UNDP Climate Change Country Profiles: Uganda
McSweeney, C.; New, M. & Lizcano, G.
January 2006
Primary view of Regional Forum on Environment and Health Meeting Report
United Nations Environment Programme
March 2009
Primary view of Whales in Hot Water? The Impact of a Changing Climate on Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises: A Call For Action
Elliott, Wendy
May 2007
Primary view of Policy Measures to Stimulate Bicycle Use in Germany
Lambrecht, Martin
Primary view of Climate Change and Extreme Weather Events
Vellinga, P. & Verseveld, W. J. van
September 2000
Primary view of Near-term Health Benefits of Greenhouse Gas Reductions: A Proposed Assessment Method and Application in Two Energy Sectors of China
Wang, Xiaodong & Smith, Kirk R.
March 1999
Primary view of Arctic Climate Feedbacks: Global Implications, Executive Summary
Sommerkorn, Martin & Hassol, Susan Joy
November 2009
Primary view of The Bali Action Plan: Key Issues in The Climate Negotiations: Summary for Policy Makers
Carpenter, Chad
September 2008
Primary view of Atals of International Freshwater Agreements
United Nations Environment Programme
Primary view of Work Plan – Thematic Working Group (TWG) on Climate Change, Ozone Depletion and Ecosystem Changes
Thematic Working Group members on Climate Change, Ozone Depletion and Ecosystem Changes
August 2007
Primary view of Senate Bill No. 337
Senators McCabe; Senators Hunter; Senators Unger; Senators Foster & Senators Kessler
March 2007
Primary view of Administrative Order No. 238
Palin, Sarah
Spring 2010
Primary view of Go Green Ontario’s Action Plan On Climate Change
Ontario Ministry of the Environment
August 2007
Primary view of Sustainable Development Report 2009
Bayer AG
May 2010
Primary view of Climate in Asia and the Pacific: A Synthesis of APN Activities
Manton, Michael J; Heath, Lance; Salinger, James & Stevenson, Linda Anne
Primary view of OECD Global Forum on Sustainable Development: Emissions Trading: Concerted Action on Tradeable Emissions Permits Country Forum
Ogushi, Takuya & Kure, Seiki
March 2003
Primary view of Environmental Effects of Ozone Depletion: 1994 Assessment
United Nations Environment Programme
November 1994
Primary view of Breaking Records in 2007 – Climate Change
WWF Climate Change Programme
Primary view of Second Biennial Report of the Climate Neutral Working Group
Climate Neutral Working Group
April 2007
Primary view of Vermont 25x'25 Initiative: Preliminary Findings and Goals
Vermont Department of Agriculture
January 2008
Primary view of Who Needs what to Implement the Kyoto Protocol?: An Assessment of Capacity Building Needs in 33 Developing Countries
UNITAR with the Consortium for North-South Dialogue on Climate Change
October 2001
Primary view of Fighting Corruption in the Water Sector - Methods, Tools and Good Practices
Vos, Jeroen
October 2011
Primary view of Blue Ribbon Advisory Council on Climate Change, Report to Governor Jon M. Huntsman, Jr.
Utah. Governor's Blue Ribbon Advisory Council on Climate Change
October 2007
Primary view of UNDP Climate Change Country Profiles: St Lucia
McSweeney, C.; New, M. & Lizcano, G.
January 2006