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Primary view of Climate Change and Water: Technical Paper VI
Bates, Bryson; Kundzewicz, Zbigniew W.; Wu, Shaohong & Palutikof, Jean
Primary view of The Global Carbon Cycle
Global Carbon Project
October 2006
Primary view of The United States National Report on Systematic Observations for Climate for 2008: National Activities with Respect to the Global Climate Observing System (GCOS) Implementation Plan
U.S. Climate Change Science Program's (CCSP) Observations Working Group
September 2008
Primary view of Marine Protection, Research, and Sanctuaries Act of 1972
United States. Congress.
unknown creation date
Primary view of Native Peoples-Native Homelands Climate Change Workshop Final Report: Circles of Wisdom
Maynard, Nancy, G.
Primary view of NOAA Updates What Defines Normal Temperature
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
September 6, 2001
Primary view of Nuclear Waste Policy Act
United States. Congress.
January 7, 1983
Primary view of Selected Translated Abstracts of Chinese-Language Climate Change Publications
Institute of Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences
May 1999
Primary view of Report on the TCO/GCP Terrestrial Carbon Observations and Model-Data Fusion Workshop
Quegan, Shaun
June 2003
Primary view of The National Eleventh Five-year Plan for Environmental Protection(2006-2010)
State Environmental Protection Administration
November 22, 2007
Primary view of The National Tenth Five-Year Plan for Environmental Protection(Abstract)
State Environmental Protection Administration
December 26, 2001
Primary view of Understanding ecosystems
British Antactic Survey
Primary view of National Environmental Policy Act of 1969
United States. Congress.
January 1, 1970
Primary view of Climate Literacy: The Essential Principles of Climate Science
U.S Climate Change Science Program
March 2009
Primary view of Strategic Plan for the U.S. Climate Change Science Program
Climate Change Science Program and the Subcommittee on Global Change Research
July 2003
Primary view of Climate Change Science Program Strategic Plan Executive Summary: Building a Course for Greater Climate Understanding
Climate Change Science Program
July 2003
Primary view of Outline of the Basic Environment Plan
Japan. Kankyōshō
August 2006
Primary view of Two Long-Term Instrumental Climatic Data bases of the People's Republic of China
Primary view of Law of the People's Republic of China on Prevention and Control of Water Pollution
Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, P.R. China
May 11, 1984
Primary view of Retreat of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet
December 27, 2000
Primary view of Atomic Energy Act of 1954 [As Amended Through P.L. 105-394, November 13, 1998]: An Act for the development and control of atomic energy
United States. Congress.
November 13, 1998
Primary view of Law of the People's Republic of China on Water and Soil Conservation
National People's Congress of the People's Republic of China
June 29, 1991
Primary view of Report of Planning Workshop on MAIRS Mountain Zone Implementation
Manton, Michael & Ailikun
June 2007
Primary view of Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act of 1980
United States. Congress.
December 31, 2002